Show #007 – David Ng Interview, Part 1

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David Ng interview, part one.

Sorry! The show notes are going to be late on this one. In the meantime, check out David Ng’s extensive collection of con photography. You can even “Friend” him on livejournal. His name is ngmaster.

Erin’s manga reviews are at under “Manga Recon”. They have forums over there, too.

OnnaFest is October 8-10 in Newark, NJ.

  • This is probably the worst editing job I’ve done so far. I did some kind of noise removal on me and Noah’s intro, and it sounds really, really bad, but by the time I noticed it, it was too late to undo! I also only listened to the first part of the David Ng interview once – it probably could’ve used more editing. What’s my exuse? I’m seeing Serenity in exactly 24 hours!

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Show #006 – The Last of the Otakon 2005 Coverage

Show #006 Direct Download:

The final bit of Otakon Coverage, I thought we had reviewed Steam although it turns out we didn’t.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is available in anime and manga forms in the U.S.

NonDE Studios – makers of “This is Otakudom” and “Steam: The Movie” [you can’t download it anywhere, but you can watch these commercials for team EVIL, they’re pretty good, and it’s like a preview] – “That Guy” is actually Scott Melzner
Seirra Mist, “Yeah, it’s kinda like that.”

Brief mention of Dragon Half, which is actually really funny and you should totally watch it. It’s also only two episodes, so don’t be fooled by Alison’s mention of a non-existant third episode.

We complain about the Kaiju vs. Final Fantasy Film again.

Alison accidently calls it “Kaiba Big Battle,” which is pretty funny. Also you should read this amusing article from the Savage Love column about a high school girl’s love of Kaiba. My reaction: Your friend won’t find someone as hot and rich as Kaiba in her high school – but a Kaiba cosplayer could totally happen!

The “Inu Yasha is a biiiooooooooooootch” email:

The Prince of Tennis, the fake final episode fan parody. I don’t know a page for this parody, but if you know one, let me know.

Eyeshield 21 – the American Football anime and manga.

La Blue Girl – it’s not anime for a first date, but you could watch it with your boyfriend. (If you’re Alison, anyhow.)

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Show #005 – Live From Otakon

Show #005 Direct Download:

Live from Otakon Artist’s Ally, Full Metal Fantasy Review, The Impromptu Yaoi Overflow Panel

If you want credits for the photos below, let me know, and I’ll credit you however you want.


Bryce’s Golden Boy Hot Hot Heat AMV

Zoe’s website is It’ll eventually have stuff like this:

What is glomping?

Three guys dressed as a Tetris piece, and me dressed as Nausicaa:

You should have seen all of Miyazaki’s works!

6-year-old boys dressed as Hamtaro characters last year:

The Copy Ninja, a riff on Kakashi:

At that point in the podcast, another girl dressed as Nausicaa shows up! She’s with her parents – she’s probably 10 years younger than me:

Vic Mignogna the Voice Actor of Edward Elric and director of the short film Full Metal Fantasy.

My Life in Fandom
“Anime, you know, like nurses and robots and shit.”

Guy wearing shirt with iron-on letters, “Inu Yasha is the Worst Show Ever”:

Bondage Fairies (If you find out what they are, you can’t unlearn it, I’m just saying.)

Bishie Auctions are a standard of Yaoicon.

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Ninja Consultant Podcast Show #003 Part C

Show #003, Part C of C Direct Download:

Starblazers theme.

Ninja Consultant Listener Map (may not work on all browsers).

Australia – If you spend more than 5 minutes with Erin, you will learn that she has been to Australia.

Beyond Thunderdome Bust a deal, face the wheel!

“Need some GASOLINE” — This is a line from the Home Movies parody of Beyond Thunderdome. If you haven’t seen Home Movies, do yourself a favor and track it down. It’s not anime, but it is animated. So that’s partial credit anyway.

“If you hit the airport you’ve gone too far.” — A line from The Brak Show. Directions to One Fish Lake.

Newtype Magazine

Erotic Adventures of Hercules / “You may remember me from…” — Troy McClure star vehicle referenced in Simpson’s Episode 9F07, “Mr. Plow”

A definition of the Sword and Sandal Genre

Hercules Returns — Before the days of, small esoteric foreign films could be hard to track down. Anyway, this film is like a really, really good episode of MST3k without the commercials and free of censorship. I remember it as being super-funny, but of course I was, like, 15 at the time.

The Jerry-Eye — like an Einhoreh in Yiddish; the evil-eye.

Podsafe — circumnavigating the legal issues surrounding unlicensed music

Halifax Slasher “Donner Party Dinner Party” — we’ve already linked to it below, but we’ll link to it again.

Dirty Pair: Original Series

Dirty Pair OAVs

Dirty Pair Flash

Ru-ru-ru-russian Roulette is by Nakahara Meiko, and if you find a way to purchase the album this is on – PLEASE TELL US!!

Dead Alewives — I don’t know what happened to them, but their site has long been down. Maybe this article on dead alewives might interest you instead.

Rant Section — we’re going to have a rant section so you aren’t forced to sit through our rants during the show. Here’s the first rant.


It’s the Neko-bus!

[NOTE — looking back, I think this actually happened at A-Kon 8. I wasn’t at A-Kon 9.]


Eye of the Tiger

My Neighbor Totoro — Look, basically, if you haven’t seen this movie you need to do so immediately. NO EXCUSES. Anyone who doesn’t like My Neighbor Totoro has no soul.


SD Gundam

Z Gundam

Gundam Wing

I can’t keep my Gundam straight. Even after looking at the list of shows, I have no idea what season or what show the question covered. I’m sure someday I will run into Ed or someone from AWOL… or they will hear the podcast… and I’m sure they’ll correct me on a hundred different things. I live in fear of this day.

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