Show 21b – High School Girls & Ergo Proxy

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Projects I’m plugging:

Draw Inuyasha and Vash the Stampede riding a chocobo and email it to us at I’ll collect them all into a mini-comic eventually.

Falling/Losing Stars of Manga, or the Rising Stars of Manga Refugees project. Collecting comics that lost the RSOM contest. Eventually we’ll put out a book of our own.

Show #21a – Nana and Ouran High School Host Club

Show #021a Direct Download:

Opening song: “Rainbow in the Dark” by Dio, from the Very Best of Dio album

Songs in the Middle: The “Real Otaku Heros” songs are by Le Jizm, and the complete set of them is available for download here.

“Sakura kiss” by Chieko Kawabe is the opening theme of Ouran High School Host Club

End Song: “Rose” by Tsuchiya Anna, the opening theme of the Nana anime series.

Why Dio? We were inspired by this video, which aired during the VH1 top 40 metal songs of all time countdown (Spoiler: #1 was “Iron Man”.) We here at the NC podcast think that the creature on the cover of the Beast of Dio album looks like the demon locked inside Naruto. Also Dio is the villain in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Write in to us with a list of your favorite shows if you want to know what we think of them! We’ll add them to the list of “Ninja Consultant Approved and Disapproved Titles”.

Show #019c – The 2006 Otakon Artist’s Alley Debacle and Thoughts on the Issue of “Fanart”, Part 3

Show #019c Direct Download:

Music: “Young, Dumb & Ugly” by Weird Al, from the 1993 album “Alapalooza”. You can get the whole song and album in the iTunes store. Alapalooza was one of the first CDs I ever owned. Many of the songs parodied on the album will probably fly right over the heads of our youngest listeners. There’s a very funny clip of this song and Akira in AMV Hell 3

Vocab:    Sycophants, Sycophantic

Special Note: I am so sick of this episode by now. It no longer even seems relevant. According to this ANN poll, most people don’t even care about Artist’s Alley at all. In fact, it’s a depressing poll, where the majority of people answering it haven’t been to cons, and most people taking the survey preferred meeting American voice actors to meeting Japanese creators, or even Japanese voice actors!

Here’s the first ever Fan Art me and Noah got of ourselves by Zelda Girl 4:

Alison still has not drawn Vash the Stampede and InuYasha riding a Chocobo. I’m encouraging all of our listeners to draw it, and we’ll put up a gallery later. Maybe I’ll make a mini-comic of just sketches of Vash and Inuyasha riding a Chocobo. Under current Otakon rules that would be allowed in unlimited quantity, if it was a booklet. Putting it on T-shirts or buttons wouldn’t fly, but we could sell 25 posters of it.