Show #23 Recorded Live on My Cell Phone at AnimeNext 2006

Show #023 Direct Download:

Music: Obsession by Animotion, and Everybody Have Fun Tonight by Wang Chung. There’s a reason for the Wang Chung, but not for Obsession. I just had my ’80’s Greatest Hits CD out and remembered liking the instrumental opening to Obsession.

Recorded Live at AnimeNext!!

A lot of dealers had just come from A-Kon, and many of the dealers, cosplayers, and attendees had also been at Anime Boston a few weeks before.

Promos, Bumper:

Eeper’s Choice Podcast the only Irish anime podcast.
Anime World Order
Weekly Anime Review (on hiatus at the moment)

  • We use clips from Anime World Order episode 23: Decadence, Depravity, and Disasters
  • OMGZBBQ Vic Mignoa’s giant ego was a repressive cloud over the entire convention. The man is a demon who eats the fangirl life-energy of underage girls like a bad Sailor Moon villain.
  • Noah helped dye my hair.
  • I was impressed by the Whistle cosplayers. The boys of the Mangacast assured me I should definately read it!
  • Also note that I thought Whistle was just a manga, but it’s also an anime series.
  • I cosplayed as Tamaki from Host Club. We need a Hunny for our Otakon group, but I might have already tricked got a friend to do it, so Soar is off the hook. He might be too tall anyway.
  • Noah and I called AWO from the Otakugeneration live show in order to be on three podcasts at once. It kind of worked, but AWO hasn’t played the voicemail yet.
  • I helped nickname someone on the Otakugeneration live show, but I came off sounding like an ass. My line of thinking was this: What would OG do? So I tried to nickname someone Porco Rosso. It didn’t really work out.

The IY&VtSRaC Project!

Do you draw? Do you have friends who draw? If so, please submit art to our mini-comic, the “Inu Yasha and Vash the Stampede Riding a Chocobo Project”. The end result will be a mini-comic filled with different artists’ interpretations of Inuyasha and Vash the Stampede Riding a Chocobo. I will make the final comic available online in pdf format and sell copies of the comic anime conventions. Other artists included in the project can also sell print-outs of the comic at conventions (provided that they make print-outs and copies themselves and do their own stapling).

This project started off as a joke, but I’m convinced that it could become the most popular piece of anime fanart ever made!!! Maybe it’ll get to be as big as that Batgirl Meme. If you’ve got comments or questions or ideas, email me at

The art can be in any medium, it can be pencil or inked or sculpted or 3D or whatever, so long as you provide a scan or photograph or whathaveyou to be included in the comic. Email whatever to The tentative deadline is August 1st, 2006.

Help get the word out by re-posting this, cross-posting it, emailing it, or whatever way you want without being too annoying and spamming people. I’ve created some flyers to be passed out at cons and whatnot:

In order to make this super-easy to draw, here are some reference pictures of Chocobos, Inuyasha, and Vash:

And here’s a Gallery of the Pictures listed above.

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Show 22b – Anime Boston 2006 Part 2 – Con Stories

Show #022b Direct Download:

Music: 7 O’Clock News by Tokio, and Panic by Still Small Voice. These songs were the original opening and ending songs to the first 40-ish episodes of Kodocha, a show which we recommend to anyone age 11 and over. Funimation couldn’t get the rights to the Tokio song, and we really can’t imagine the opening without it, but it’s still totally worth watching the series. With your daughter!

The Chibi Project

How many people attended Anime Boston? Well, that page doesn’t say yet, but we heard it was up from 7,500 last year to 10,000 this year.

We talk a lot about Death Note cosplayers and fans. If you want an “L” t-shirt look for our table at Otakon.


Noah talks like an M.I.T. recruiter. Here’s MIT’s Anime Club’s homepage. Did you know that MIT has appeared in several anime series?

The Bishounen Support Corps Here’s their photo collection. You can email them at bishounen-support-corps AT mit DOT edu, and talk about them in this forum thread.


I talked to an Itachi from Bergen Community College’s Anime Club, who I ran into two weeks later at AnimeNext.

I thought the Happy House of Hentai’s new promo was really funny, so I stuck it in this show. Hopefully you won’t get their jokes if you’re under 16 or so.

Do you know who Cthulhu is?


Buddy Christ is from Dogma. But Kevin Smith’s only worthwhile film is Clerks. And the animated Clerks cartoon is worthwhile. Particularly episode five. It’s only ten bucks, so if I’m wrong it’s no big deal.

The episode of Otakugeneration where Bryce talks about the hentai dubbing panel. Well, it’s probably that episode.

Lupin the 3rd is a Ninja Consultant Approved Show.

theanimefanboy talks about playing Duck Duck Goose.

Alison’s L print that got licked.


Noah and I really hated X3.

Show 22a – Anime Boston 2006 Part 1 – Your First Con Experience!

Show #022a Direct Download:

Music: From the winning AMV of Anime Boston 2006, by the Italian AMV creator Marisa Panaccio used the song “Håll Om Mig” by the Swedish singer Nanne Grönvall set to the often-over-looked-except by Shojou fans series Princess Tutu.

This AMV makes Princess Tutu look like an even better show than it actually is (after 8 or 9 episodes it really picks up).

Marisa has made other noteable AMVs, this one played at AX last year and this one makes Witch Hunter Robin look more action-tastic than it actually is.

Did you miss Anime Boston? Never been to an anime convention? You can listen to some past panel recordings and policy thingies and such on the Anime Boston Podcast or you can listen to some of Anime Pulse’s panel recordings.

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