Show #26 Porco Rosso & Otakon Packing List

Show #026 Direct Download:

Music: “Langsam Blut” from the Paradise Kiss soundtrack, Japanese version, CD 1, track 24. Geneon has a way of importing soundtracks, so I’m sure you’ll be able to buy this next yearish. CD2 has some great tracks by the fictional punk band in the show, “The Babys”.

Paradise Kiss just got liscensed in the U.S. recently, although I (Erin) saw the fansubs last year and really like it – so much so that I went out and bought all the manga. Even Noah thought ParaKiss was OK.

What is Otakon?

New segment (next time): THAT’S JAPAN!

What should you bring?

My List:

 My only personal tips are the following:

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Show #25 Battle Angel Alita OVA

Show #25 Battle Angel Alita OVA

Show #025 Direct Download:

Opening Music: Ninja by 7 Seconds of Love found at Please support their awesomeness by buying a T-shirt and be sure to check out their classic videos, like the viking kittens and spoonguaaaaaaard.
Ending Music: “The Ballad of Elves and Zombies” by our friends the Christian Pirate Puppets

“New Business”: The Anime World Order (AWO) extra segment where they respond to GeekNight‘s voicemail to them.

Here’s what I said on a forum once about cosplay:

I really like walking through a con and seeing someone dressed as a character from some obscure series that I enjoy. It’s this kind of recognition – someone else also loves that character! If they weren’t dressed up, I wouldn’t know that about a stranger. Just wearing a T-shirt of the show they like doesn’t really make the same heartfelt impression.

I think non-cosplayers take a lot more away from a con than just a picture of a cosplayer – seeing so many people dressed up – many of them from some of your favorite shows – adds to an ambiance of reassurance that you’re not the only freak out there who loves anime. Everyone at the con can take something away from the gobs of cosplayers. For some people it really is about being the greatest Naruto ever, but for many, cosplay is a great way to meet knew people.

No riffraff at World Fantasy Con!

Email segment! Yes, Noah and I are a couple. But no, we don’t plan on having a load of kids anytime soon. Erin reveals that she’d rather go to Japan this year than rush into marriage with Noah after only dating him for five years!

OMG Why Haven’t You Seen This Yet:

Battle Angel – the $1 dubbed VHS tape from RightStuf
Battle Angel Alita anime entries on ANN, AniDB, AnimeNfo.
The original manga is being reprinted and is widely available.
I reviewed the Battle Angel Alita Last Order manga in an old Manga Recon column. It is also widely available.

The Doctor Ido cosplayer at Anime Expo 2005:

Here are some other Dr. Ido cosplayers: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

My Life in Fandom: Noah tells a tale about a Star Trek con where he was young and broke, and a waitress tried to hit on him, even though he was 14.

Here’s Arada’s concept art of Noah looking hot while I freak out about his potential fangirls:

Show #24 Listener Feedback – Some Escaflowne

Show #024 Direct Download:

…Opening quote: Ninja Consultants from the British Transformers dub.

Music: Opening: Yakusoku wa Iranai by Maaya Sakamoto (arranged by Yoko Kanno?) – a.k.a. the opening theme of Escaflowne. Middle: The Email Song remixed by me, the actual music being from Analog Lights, the Ninja Consultant music advisor/contributor, and with Audacity contributing the strange error. Ending music: Mystic Eyes by Hiroki Wada, the abysmally inappropriate end theme of Escaflowne.

Show Notes by Noah:

Our one-year podcasting anniversary is July 9, which is a Sunday
But we’re celebrating on Monday, July 10!
Come to Swift’s on E. 4th Street & Lafayette in NYC!
The Doctor Who Club will almost certainly be there too! Which is just as well, because we keep missing their meetings.
Even if you’re under 21, come anyway!

We’re updating our site!
Our Webmaster Jack is on Mangacast
We’re reformatting the show with segments, but we’re not going to Anime Expo!
(Thank you for offering your couches, tho’!)


GetBackers (or Gettersback as Noah likes to call it) We are largely ambivalent about.

We’re still watching BLEACH (or “Blech” as Noah often ‘accidentally’ types it, like just now). I think we’re up to episode 20 or so. For some reason, watching this show is like trying to drink meat gravy. ‘Nuff said.

Sgt. Frog Manga is a fine manga for kids!

So are:

Erin’s recommendations:
Cromartie Manga
Azumanga Daioh Manga
Iron Wok Jan

But not:

Noah’s Recommendations:
Lady Snowblood (maybe…)

Suggesting videopodcast??

Noah might like to, but Erin says probably not…

It’s illegal!
It’s time consuming!
It takes knowledge of video editing!
It might not be very funny!

We have friend who could do the video editing… sometimes.

Nerd Shinagami = awesome!!!

World of Warcraft Manga???


Noah, shamefully admits to reading Star Trek Novels
and was intimately familiar with the Photon franchise (it waslike Lasertag)

We don’t play WoW. It’s warcrack.

There was a novel and a collection of short stories based on the Warhammer 40k franchise that Noah read when he was 15 and thought was really good. Now he can’t find them and doesn’t
want to accidentally link to one that was written more recently and sucks.

Click here to learn about Miniatures wargaming
We didn’t read the Doom Novels, but they couldn’t have been any good.

Apparently there are novels for the game Halo as well. From what Noah understands, the game HALO has a pretty good plot, even if it is just a video game.

Paul (last name withheld): WHERE ARE YOU?! You’re not on the clustermap…

[technical difficulties]

The recording software we use, Audacity, had a stroke in the middle of Noah reading the mail. Erin decided to incorporate the botched sound bite into an amazing techno remix!

You can make your own techno song feature Noah by downloading the warped audio here!!!

Paul’s interrupted email question was:

I put this question to you — Escaflowne, fucking amazing, or merely awesome? Answer carefully.

Paul asks Why Noah doesn’t like Escaflowne:

a. Noses are too pointy
b. Screaming catgirl
c. Does not make sense (i.e. Isaac Newton living in a floating mountain controlling time)
d. “Fortunate blood”
e. Coolest character killed in the second episode.

Update: Paul has derided Noah’s dislike of Hitomi’s nose in an e-mail, claiming that if pointy noses bother him so much, he couldn’t possibly have liked Macross Plus, which is nonsense, because Macross Plus is one of Noah’s favoritest things ever.
Consider, then, which nose is pointier. Noah thinks the answer is clear.

Myung, Macross PlusHitomi, Escaflowne

Just look at that schnozz!

Noah doesn’t like Ouran High School Host Club

Noah was hoping to annotate Daryl’s LJ comment with links to explain all the references, but has finally given up because he just doesn’t recognize enough of them himself. Homer nods.

Rocky Horror is a rite of passage for adolescent geeks, a role which is now being taken up by doujinshi and slash fiction — we’ve covered this before!

Welcome to the NHK, manga about the REAL Otaku lifestyle.

Anime News Network does blogs by their authors.

Zac’s entry on Anime Expo

Apollo vs. Bacchus, the immortal struggle.

Hippies as Proto-Otaku?

Are anime fans apolitical?

Is Anime PORN?????

Canadian news item

Who the hell is Bill Postmus?

Thank you, Mediablasters for all that porn.

Sailor Moon is not Urotsukidoji III: The Nazi Death Rape Machine (note: upon further research, Noah actually means, Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon Womb. It’s not actually entitled “The Nazi Death-Rape Machine,” but that does not prevent it from featuring said machine.)

What is porn?

On the show Noah attributes the quote “Pornography is whatever gives a Supreme Court Justice an erection!” to Hustler publisher Larry Flynt. On reflection, the real quote is “obscenity is whatever gives the judge an erection,” and while it is sometimes attributed to Larry Flynt, the actual author is apparently unknown.

Moe on wikipedia

And just to be clear, Kokoro Library is porn.


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