Show #31 – Gunbuster Feedback

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Music: Opening: R5 Series Recommends Gunbuster (the original Gunbuster) by way of a song tribute [CAN WE GET LYRICS?]. Ending: Ike ike bokura no GANBASUTAA!lyrics, CD Info.

[For the record, the Ninja Consultants watched Gunbuster right after we watched Eva, and Erin’s life was changed forever.]

Things people Recommended to us:

  1. Gunbuster (We’ve both seen it, it’s a favorite of Erin’s)
  2. Votoms (Noah watched it raw)
  3. Space Runaway Ideon
  4. Giant Robo (in progress)
  5. Mobile Gundam MS Team (the Vietnam Gundam)
  6. Gundam 0086 War in the Pocket OVA (Erin saw it, liked it)
  7. First two Gundam Movies (we’ve seen them kind of)
  8. Eva (we’ve seen it)
  9. RahXephon (didn’t like it)
  10. Eureka Seven

You MUST watch Eva, but watch RahXephon first.

Only bad people like G-Gundam.

We talk about Kimagure Orange Road


Manga Recon – there are more columns, but no new recordings yet.

We recommed:

DMP keeps sending me free books

Young fans need to watch Otaku No Video!

Why Noah likes Hellsing: THe fight between Catholics and Anglicans

We stole our name from Neil Nadelman‘s panel. We owe him a free T-shirt.

I My Me Strawberry Eggs sucks.

We thought our listener was asking about the episode with music from Berserk, but really she’s asking about that the episode with a line from Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere.

You should idolize Carl Horn.

Pocky vs. Toppo

OMG Manga plug – email omnutia at

Otakon’s Otazine

RSOM Refugees Group

Gerald recommends:

  1. Gunbuster
  2. Votoms
  3. Macross Plus
  4. Do You Remember Love?
  5. Original Gundam movie trilogy, but not the TV show.

The thing Erin needs to know before shopping for curtains with Clarissa: How to win at Xenosaga

Gerald’s Omake Explicit Extra

Show #30 – Listener Feedback Filler Arc

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Show 29 – Anime Dating Advice

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Music: Fat Bottom Girls by Queen

.hack Marriage Propsal Guy:

The Geek Nights crew had girlfriends… at least we think so.

The problems in the anime dating scene:

  1. Big Age Gap between Sailor Moon/Pokemon girls (ages 14-17) fans and Akira/Starblazers guys (25-35).
    • In college geek clubs, males outnumber females. (Inherent shortage of geeky girls.) Usually only one third are girls.
  2. Long Distance Relationships are CRAP.
  3. If you date all the geeks you know, (all two) you risk making those guys enemies.

Tapes Noah gave Erin when they started dating:

Things that Erin was looking for in a boyfriend which Noah fulfilled and is why we are like, totally meant for each other:

  1. Likes the Simpsons (and can quote seasons 3 through 6)
  2. Likes anime.
  3. Likes Doctor Who

Now that Doctor Who is back, a lot more people who are my age like it, but in 1996 to 2001, Doctor Who had been off the airwaves in most places in the States, and a lot of guys who liked it were closer to thirty, and I was 17-22.

What was Noah looking for:

  1. Available
  2. Returns his calls

“I used to think that I had the tallest hair but that trip to Graceland really opened my eyes.”

How to meet girls: Teach them to play Dungeons & Dragons

Erin’s guy-meeting technique: Ask them out, and risk embarrassment. Be very clear that you are asking them on a date.

Noah’s technique on meeting girls: Seem somewhat pathetic, but not too pathetic, then impress them somehow. Eventually, start making physical contact and gradually test the boundaries.

Don’t send out anti-girl rays like Daryl Surat.

Sid and Nancy


My So-Called Life

The Sandman book “A Game of You”.

Noah is right that the documentary is not called Speed, it is called “The Cruise” starring Timothy “Speed” Levitch.

I mention Patrick Macia’s Hot Tears of Shame podcast, this episode in particular.

Con Whore T-shirts