Anime Christmas Bonus Show #2

Xmas Bonus Show 2 Direct Download:

Link to Last Year’s Show (Thanks, rzpodcast)

I realize our older shows are not in the iTunes store; there are complicated reasons for this, like older shows dropping off livejournal’s RSS feed, or feedburner’s feed. So I’m making a special 2005-2006 archive feed that will be available all the time.

This Year’s Songs:

“Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” as sung by the cast of Sailor Moon, on the album “Sailor Moon SuperS: Christmas For You”.
“Yorokobi no Carol” from the Card Captor Sakura Christmas Concert album
“White Christmas” again from “Sailor Moon SuperS: Christmas For You”
“Maria no Komoriuta” also from the Card Captor Sakura Christmas Concert album (I think)
“The Hannukah Song” as performed on Saturday Night Live by Adam Sandler
“Omendato Christmasu” (We Wish You a Merry Christmas) again from Sailor Moon SuperS Christmas for You

Show #35 – The Melancholy of Erin’s Unemployment

Show #035 Direct Download:

OP: “Indigo” by Moloko, from the album “Things to Make and Do”. We were introduced to this fine song by herohigh, a friend of Daryl Surat

ED: “Monkey Developers” song by Digital Droo, which samples the famous Steve Ballmer video. We were inspired by the song’s use in Fall_Child42’s video “An Ode To Monkey AMVers – AKA DEWELOPERS”