Show #42 – Anime Boston 2007

Show #042 Direct Download:

OP: “Apache” as covered by the Sugar Hill Gang, dedicated to Animiko’s group’s skit at Anime Central, which references last year’s Anime Boston’s Princess Tutu AMV
ED: “Rawk Fist” by Thousand Foot Krutch, as seen in “Ganseki No Kobushi (A Rock Lee profile)” by Songbird21.

We talk to Nadia, who is awesome and next time I’ll put out her rockin’ panel on Moe

She has a throne of shojo manga, if you believe her friends, and wrote her undergrad thesis on Utena.

We talk about those creepy ball-jointed dolls:


Penny Arcade were once nuts about Red vs. Blue
Red vs. Blue

“It’s not pink, it’s light red” T-shirts
– What is Machinima?
Recent Answerman column with 3-D time, actually “LAZER TIME, BOYZZ” from BotsMaster
Daniel Pinkwater story about mall parking lots

Dave and Joel: Fast Karate for the Gentleman Podcast
Greatest Movie Evar!!!!! Podcast
– Beethoven

– Fun with Derek: Count the inappropriate Rikkus!
– The Naruto Family Cosplay:


– The Mooninite Boston Scandal
– We mention the Chibi Project
– We talk to a staffer who was spit on by Despairs Ray at MangaNext
Soggytoast tells his stories of the con
– Then we talk to Alison about her Zuko cosplay
– Crayon Shin-Chan has a (new) handler.

Guy with Mooninite Bomb

Show #41 – Takarazuka

Show #041 Direct Download:
OP: “Girls and Boys” by Blur, from the album Parklife

ED: Takarazuka 2004 Great Sports Day – Flower Troupe

We listen to Soar’s voicemail. Remember Randomization?

Link to Kodocha original OP on youtube:

Suggested titles for your 10-year-old sister (who likes cats):

All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
Sherlock Hound
Tokyo Mew Mew
Magical Do Rei Me
Tweeny Witches
Sugar Sugar Rune (manga by Del Ray, anime on the internet)
What’s Michael (manga from Dark Horse, anime on the internet)
Three Ghibli films your sister will like:
Whispers of the Heart
The Cat Returns
Kiki’s Delivery Service
– That one Sailor Moon movie about Luna

Regular notes on the show:

– There was that episode of Ouran High Schhol Host Club with a lot of it!
– We just watched “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” – it was good! But Gerald won’t like it.
– I also saw “Year One in the North” which was quite excellent!

There’s a Japanese phrase for “Please bear with it” that seems to come up constantly.

Omiai – the Japanese custom of arranged marriage (literally “honorable see and meet”).

Fred Astaire vs. Gene Kelly! Live! One Night Only!

Gene Kelly + Bob Fosse = Takarazuka

What are the follies? How are they different from the Ziegfield Follies?

What’s a “dance revue“?

For theater-training montages in anime Erin recommends:

Glass Mask (1984)
Glass Mask (2005)
– There’s also a live-action version and a movie and stuff.
Cat’s Eye has a similar opening
– But where’s the original Glass Mask opening on youtube?! (right here! Thanks cchan5000!

Promo: The R5 Central Guy Promotes Morphicon