Show #46 – James Interview Part 3: Bring Me the Head of Apollo Smile, A Cautionary Tale

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OP: Theme from Gunbuster, remixed for the Para Para Max US Mix volume 2, also available on amazon for $3. ED: Theme from Gunbuster 2, aka Diebuster, “Groovin’ Magic”, by ROUND TABLE featuring Nino.

The Apollo Smile Story

Otakon Mystery Anime Theatre 3000 gave us Jupiter Smirk, and Neptune Sneeze.
A list of live MST3K performances by fans.
Super Monsters

Sci Fi channel was running Iria at the time
– James will find and kill you if you don’t like the original Gunbuster
– Not to be confused with Gunbuster 2
Ninja High School T-shirt
Antarctic Press was there, man
– The Korean Animation Museum
The Kimchee Museum!

There is no U.S. release of Wonderful Days / Sky Blue at this time because it was made on a government grant. How will I make my “Shot Through the Heart” AMV to the scene where one dude gets shot in the heart?

Tree of Palme, also made on a grant.
– James licensed half a show once. Gerald is pissed.

Remember: You are never greater than the anime. But it’s OK to use DVDs to block bullets, etc.

Don’t pull an Apollo.

News: Ninja Consultants At Otakon 2007

Noah and I are going to Otakon!

Please visit our table in artist’s alley, which we are sharing with the intrepid Ali Wildgoose. It’s table #D6. Our names are not on the table. It’s located along the wall to your left when you walk in the entrance, about halfway back. We’re selling Ninja Consultant T-shirts, “I survived the filler arc” tees, and Carl Horn buttons.

Friday night at 11:00 we’re hosting the “Podcaster’s Roundtable” panel in the Panel 2 room. This conflicts with Otaku Generation recording a live show at the same time, and also the end of the AMV contest, AND the “Alcohol & Anime” panel, but we expect you to show up to our panel anyway. Also on our “Podcaster’s Roundtable” panel will be Gerald from Anime World Order, Dave and Joel from Fast Karate for the Gentleman, Mike from R5 Central, and Rym and Scott from Geek Nights, with a potential surprise appearance from the Rangercast.

The Otakon schedule is available here, but please double check for schedule changes in case our time slot totally moves.

Show #45 – James Interview Part 2: Japanese Prison

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OP and ED: “Don’t Make Me Wild Like You” remixed by Yoko Ishida, theme from Ranma 1/2, remixed for the Para Para Max US Mix volume 3, also available on amazon for $8

Doing Time” is a manga available from Ponet Mon/Fanfare that won a lot of awards. It’s also a movie.

Things that are illegal in Japan:
Large pocket knives
Assisted Suicide
– Marijuana mailed to you from “Bob Marley, NY”

Upside to Japanese prison: Significantly less shanking, sodomy.
Downside: Controlled head turning, nudity.

Promo: Dragon Radio

– Erica runs Yuricon, and was at Comiket with a table.
– We’re really looking forward to the all-adult Providence convention
Otakon 1998 was the Army of the 12 Otaku T-shirt (photos?) [Actually, it was 1996]
– It was the only 4-day Otakon [Actually 1995 was the four day Otakon]
– There was a Golddigger Cosplayer

Promo: Randomization Podcast

Otakon 1999
– First year with girls
– First year at the Baltimore Convention Center
– The place was freaking empty, not like 2006

– Otakon 2000
– Big shift in gender and age
Tokyopop’s Authentic Manga Line begins
Borders and Barnes & Noble start carrying manga

Photos: Otakon 1999 vs. 2002 vs. 2006

The comic book bubble was in the 1990’s, wherein people bought collectors edition covers thinking that the books would be worth money someday, which they weren’t.

Thanks to that idiocy the comic market closed, and there were no new comics readers until Tokyopop brought girls back into the mix. More recently comics have undergone a resurgence, because graphic novels can be found in bookstores, and also because of Marvel’s big Hollywood movies based on comics that get comic readers back into comic book shops. (Noteably; Spiderman, V for Vendetta, X-Men, and even Ghost World and American Splendor, all sold thousands more books than would’ve sold otherwise.)

– James has 1st edition Ranma 1/2 comics

Show #44 – James Interview Part 1: Otakon 1994

Show #044 Direct Download:

OP and ED: “Just Think of Tomorrow [From Irresponsible Captain Tylor]” by Yoko Ishida, theme from Irresponsible Captain Tylor, remixed for the Para Para Max US Mix volume 2, also available on amazon for $3

Our experimental three mic two computer set-up lead to some interesting sync problems and weird echos. I did my best to fix it.

We interview James the “Angry Otaku” from Ah!Pon
– He first started reading manga with Outlanders from Studio Proteous
– He went to Otakon 1994, the first one.
– First Guest: Robert DeJesus
– Who is Brian Mah? A Metro-Anime guy.
– James watched Cream Lemon and bought Dragon Knight

Otakon 1995:
Wedding Peach!
– James buys Bondage Fairies (NSFW, NSFK, Warning: You can’t un-see Bondage Fairies. Once you find out what they are you can’t un-know it.)
Duane Johnson did something for fandom
Corn Pone video

Anime East 1994-1995
The Anime East Riots 1995

More on Apollo Smile later.
(amazingly, there is an angelfire fan page still up here.
It’s Anime Crash‘s fault.

RIP: Big Apple Anime Fest

Promo for Otaku USA Magazine as made by R5 Central.