Promo #4 – Summer Action Film v.2

Direct Download:

Thanks to Derek, who does this webcomic, for the remix of our action trailer!

You, too, can remix our trailer audio: you can find the raw .wav file, and a shorter version of the action promo here.

Members of the AMV community are strongly encouraged to cut AMV trailers to this promo and put them on youtube. I think the only anime with enough explosions to cover the sound effects might be Trigun, but there’s also some shuriken sounds in there.

Promo #3 – Summer Action Film

Direct Download:

This is for other podcasters to use in their shows. Clocking in at 1:15, with music by X-Ray Dog. Noah wrote the dialog.

In the promo we read an iTunes review, a portion of this LJ comment, and a piece of hatemail from a certain John M.:

i listened to most of podcast #32 and it sucked. first time i couldn’t listen to one of your podcasts to the end. playing “funny” voicemails from some 8 year old and laughing about them for ten minutes is a good way to lose listeners.

I hate all our old promos because all the other podcasters I’m friends with used them on their shows, so I had to listen to my one-note embarassing joke over and over again for months and months. I’m sure I’ll be sick of this new one soon enough.