Show #50 – Even the Answerman is Wrong Sometimes

Show #050 Direct Download:

Show 50 is also available in a lower quality format (in case you have a Nano or something) follow the link and add “LQ” to the end of the filename. It sounds much better as a 30 MB file, trust me.

“Even the Answerman is Wrong Sometimes” is based on a Japanese saying “Even a monkey falls out of a tree sometimes!”

We’ve been traveling a lot this year:

Michigan (twice)
Boston (a bunch of times)
roadtrip across America
L.A. (twice)
San Diego
Cedar Point
– Erin commutes to Connecticut 4 days a week.

We’ve been watching:
Nana anime & (manga)
Le Chevalier d’Eon the anime as opposed to the manga. We love Chevalier and have to do a response to Dave & Joel’s review.
Toppa Ten Gurren-Lagann (probably the breakout hit of the season)

– Buy Otaku USA issue 2!
– Jason Thompson wrote The Complete Guide to Manga, available this October.
– Thompson also does a webcomic/doujin called “King of RPGs”,
– Thompson used the “Yakfist” example. Sadly, “Yakfist” does not exist! (Yet.)
– You can listen to 100 manga magazines in 60 minutes on the Mangacast
Shaenon Garrity writes Narbonic and the Overlooked Manga Festival
– Speaking of “Yakfist”, the movie “Zebraman” was really awesome!
– We recently watched Ratatouille (Recommended)

Japanese Lesson for this episode:
– Hisashiburi da ne? (Long time no see! Or, it’s been a while! What every badass says to the hero from off-camera before making a big entrance)
Sentai (guardian)
– Shinpai Ja Nai (don’t worry)
Tenshi Ja Nai (I’m no angel)
– Alien Ja Nai! (I’m not an alien!)

Noah Vocab:
“Hackles” as in “His hackles stood up.”

On The Answerman:
– There will never be another episode of Weiss Krutz, Berserk, or Dragon Half.
– My moment of fame on Answerman’s column (yellow butterflies question — it’s at the bottom!)
Alison’s relabeled Azumanga comic
– Our beef with him is that he said that AMVs are not legitimate art.
– Here’s the episode of AWO with Zac bitching about Otakon 2006.
The March 2nd 2007 Answerman column that I read on our show.

AMV Related
Our crappy archives
– Show link to the complaining about AMVs 2nd episode.
– We owed one to dokidoki.
– The winning “Does L Creep You Out” AMV from Anime Expo.
The Princess Tutu Hol Om Mig Video

Auteur Film Theory and Art Theory
The Auteur theory
The Dada Movement
– R. Mutt a.k.a. Marcel Duchamp
Young Adult Novel by Daniel Pinkwater, featuring “The Wild Dada Ducks”, it’s in the compelation “Five Novels by Daniel Pinkwater”
– The movie “Art School Confidential”

Things the Answerman Thinks are Unfunny but Ninja Consultants Still Find Hilarious:
All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Tired Catchphrases
Chuck Norris Facts


Show #49 – Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! Elite Beat Agents and Macho Cheerleaders

Show #049 Direct Download:
押忍!闘え!応援団! Elite Beat Agents and Macho Cheerleaders

With special guest Ed Chavez!

Brought to you by Yanjing Beer – the official state beer of China!

OP: Tomoyasu Hotei“Thrill”
ED: The Blue Hearts“Linda Linda”

Special Guest: Ed Chavez from the MangaCast

Trying to describe this game makes it sound like we’re playing Taboo.

Videos of people playing this game on youtube.

Features J-pop music and Visual-Kei bands, like L’Arc-en-Ciel

What is an Ouendan?

What’s a Yanki?

You can read my review of Kamikaze Girls, the book and movie, here. Yankis play a prominent roll.

Also in Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno, the new book on Japanese fashion by Patrick Macias.

In Yu Yu Hakusho, Yusuke and Kuwabata are on the verge of Yanki-dom.

(the Yu Yu Hakusho dub is terrible by the way – one of the worst)

Ouendan wear Haramaki and Hachimaki

The way they dance is almost like Para Para – but manlier.

Sometimes Ouendan cheer on love confessions! Where did the Japanese fascination with confessing one’s love start? Was it the Tale of the Genji?

The Manga Love Roma actually starts with a love confession.

To we Americans, Osu Tatakae Ouendan is as realistic as Katamari Damacy!

Taste of Tea has some Ouendan in it, here’s my review of the film. But there, they run off with the local Bosozoku

The end of the previous season of Naruto featured Naruto as an Ouendan:

Are there Ouendan in Water Boys?

Erin: Water Boys is not the Fireman series, called Fireman and released in English by Viz – there’s also a live action drama. Called Sea Monkeys, or Omisaru or Water Dogs

Noah: The live action drama may not be called Water Boys, but it *is* called Fire Boys, which yes, is an adaptation of Megumi no Daigo, but still, it isn’t *called* Megumi no Daigo. So there.

Megumi No Daigo! (Firefighter Daigo of Company M!) is not actually a musical, but the show Noah is thinking of is TV drama adaptation called Fire Boys

Are high school teachers in Japan much younger than uh… mine were?

We talk about High School Girls. How old is Hottie Odagiri? What about Macho Matsuo? Mario-sensei?

Ed compares Noah’s realistic Super Mario Bros. fanfic to Old Boy.

Thank You, But Our Princess is in Another Castle!

Tale of the Heike (Hickey)?