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OP:Nrrd Grrl” by MC Chris
ED: Bookins Theme Song by Jared Nissim

Erin has a new job!
We moved into a new apartment!

It is now more true than ever that Erin might be a hipster. Can you be a hipster and an otaku at the same time? Patrick Macias
might be evidence of this.

We are getting married!

Promo: R5 Central Podcast with Ninjaconsultants guest hosting.

Erin absolutely refuses to go into David’s Bridal because of the heart shaped apostrophe.
Noah won’t set foot in a commercial jewlery store, because it turns out diamond engagement rings are a giant scam!

Here is a Wired Magazine article about the archaeological dig in Turkey that Noah mentions.

Noah later opted not to steal a ring from the dig, because he’s seen Midnight Express

Engagement ring facts at Wikipedia

Article on the Byzantine Empire

Erin now works at 4Kids, home of the American dub release of Yu-Gi-Oh! and One Piece.

We’ll be going to Anime Boston and New York Comic-Con

We have coverage from New York ANime Festival and Anime Weekend Atlanta

Review: Crystal Triangle — it’s not that crazy.

Conspiracy tropes from the 1980s:

Lovecraft Mythos (owing at least partially to the publication of the Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson, popularized by the game Illuminati
by Steve Jackson Games.

Nemesis star
(or comet) which proposed a wandering celestial body whose near contact with earth would destroy it (known to Erin from the Silver Nemesis episode of Dr. Who)

The Dark Moon (or counter-moon), supposedly the second, unseeable (and therefore arcanely powerful) moon of the Earth.

Erin on CBS news
Erin’s profile.

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Noah talks about the Japan Society of New York film series: Dawn of Japanese Animation
He attended the Action and Adventure day. There was even a Benshi
There will be a DVD released of this stuff, but it isn’t out yet, so no link.

FAQ: We know about Shawnimals Ninja Consultant
Noah opines that he cares more for Ninja Poo than the horrible Korean movie Doggie Poo.

One more Action Item:
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