Show #58 – Manga Zombie and a Manga Panel at MoCCA

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If you haven’t been reading Comipress on a regular basis, it’s not too late to start now. We received permission from Comipress and author Udagawa Takeo to read the introduction to Manga Zombie, which is being translated and made available for free online.

We also received permission to record a December 3rd panel at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. It started off as “Manga 101,” but the audience was mostly Metro Anime Club members and Publisher’s Weekly people, so the discussion rapidly devolved into sweet, sweet manga industry insider gossip!! Stick around, as the good stuff is in the second hour. On the panel:

– Moderator: Brigid Alverson of
– Dallas Middaugh, Del Rey Associate Pubilisher
– Mari Morimoto, translator and veterinarian
– John Fuller, Kinokuniya manager for the NYC branch
– Designer/letterer Brad Foltz,

Special thanks to Gina Gagliardo for arranging the panel! The Calvin asking questions at the end is Calvin Reid of Publisher’s Weekly.

Thank you so much to Udagawa Takeo and ComiPress for allowing us to promote your wonderful work!

These are not the final show notes, please check back later for more notes on this recording!