Show #60 – ’70’s Shojo Manga Panel, Part 1

Show #060 Direct Download:

OP: “Candy Candy” by Mitsuko Horie Opening theme of Candy Candy
ED: “Ai no Hikari to Kage” by Hiroko Suzuki End theme of Rose of Versailles

Dr. Weeaboo’s ’70’s Shojo Manga panel from Anime Boston 2008. We edited it a little to make her sound even smarter. Thanks Dr. Weeaboo! We think you are awesome!

This is the second video featured in the panel:

Show #59 – Ogiue Maniax

Show #059 Direct Download:

OP and ED: “20th Century Boy”” by T. Rex in reference to 20th Century Boys by Naoki Urasawa

An interview with Carl, the Ogiue Maniax blogger at New York Comic Con 2008.

More notes coming soon. We recorded more audio than this but the echo effect on the mixer was turned on and it sounds terrible. I also accidentally deleted a lot of what Noah and the Angry Otaku recorded. It doesn’t matter, since one of the mics was off.