The domain I share kind of got hacked by Nigerians, so we’re sort of down at the moment. I don’t have a new show ready yet anyway.

Thanks to everyone who showed up at our panels at AnimeNext! They were a huge hit!

Otaku USA issue seven comes out real soon, and I have two reviews and a bio in it, so be sure to check out my “Otaku Top Five”!

Bonus Episode – Dungeons & Dragons

Bonus Episode Direct Download:

OP: “Dungeons and Dragons” skit by the Dead Alewives, from the out of print album Take Down the Grand Master
ED: “Dungeons and Dragons part II” also by the Dead Alewives. Perhaps it was never on an album.

The Ninja Consultants will be appearing at the AnimeNext convention at the Meadowlands Expo Center in New Jersey, on Sunday, June 22nd 2008.

Erin and Noah will present two panels, one at 10 AM (the worst possible time slot) and one at 3 PM, (the second worst possible time slot). These times are subject to change without much notice. Look for signs outside the panel room for updates.

The 10 AM panel is “Japanese Commercial Apocalypse” and the 3:00 PM panel is “Manga Madness”.

I assume we’ll be running these panels again at SITACon at the very least, where we’ll be guests. I applied to do the same manga panel at Otakon but I was *definitely officially* rejected.

– Quote of the week: “Kulshedra! I’ve been spelling it wrong forever!!”


We’re really sorry about this everybody! It’s all Erin’s fault!