MangaNext 2008 Panels!!

MangaNext 3 is this weekend! Noah and I won’t have a table, but we might be hanging out at Alison Wilgus’s Artist Alley table on Saturday. Actually Noah won’t be there Saturday at all. If you want to hang out, email ninjaconsultant (at)

Our panels are:

Culinary Manga Sunday, Panel 1, 11:00 AM
Crazy Manga Genres Sunday, Panel 1, 1:00 PM

If you went to AnimeNext this year, and attended our panels – I’ve added to the Crazy Manga Genres and spun off food manga into it’s own panel! It’s slightly improved content!

Show #64 – Guin Saga Roundtable

Show #064Direct Download:

Music: Conan the Barbarian theme by Basil Poledouris, Berserk music "Forces (God-Hand Remix)".

  • Vertical has published the first 5 novels of the Guin Saga, the 120+ volume fantasy series that inspired Berserk and other Japanese fantasy in a Tolkien-esque way (that is to say, Kaoru Kurimoto inspired Japanese fantasy as much as Tolkien inspired the genre in the West, but Guin Saga is not in itself Tolkien-esque).
  • 3-4 Guin Saga volumes come out every year in Japan
  • The author also publishes a few other books, cleans the house, and is a regular on a quiz show (Specifically Hinto de Pinto). And she’s a literary critic. And she’s a composer. And she composed a musical based on the Guin Saga that has been performed in Tokyo.
  • Kurimoto-san married the editor of the sci-fi magazine that first published Guin Saga.
  • Noah vocab: Phatic. "A Phatic Experience."
  • Guin Saga is the "Mother of Light Novels," along with the Vampire Hunter D novels.
  • What is a light novel anyway?
    • Short and Fast read
    • Has illustrations
    • Usually "genre" but not always
    • There’s often a psychic
    • "Feats of the imagination"
  • Guin Saga is soon to be an anime series from Aniplex
  • Guin Saga is translated by Harvard graduate and fantasy fan Alexander O. Smith (who probably edits his wikipedia page about himself retracted, see below).
  • We’re all glad about the Viz Big editions of Vagabond.
  • Yoshitaka Amano got famous in part for his Guin Saga covers!
  • Noah and I recommend King Naresuan 1 & 2 (but mostly 2). We’re looking forward to part 3.
  • Finally at about one hour and 17 minutes Dungeons and Dragons comes up. That’s one hour and 15 minutes longer than it usually takes for Noah to start talking D&D!
  • Is the leopard headed fighter in Tekken a Guin reference? Or a Tiger Mask reference?
    • UPDATE: Since Guin was first published in 1979, it post-dates Tiger Mask by 11 years. HOWEVER, as it turns out, before Tiger Mask was a Japanese pro-wrestler, it was actually a MANGA! Who knew???

News: SITACon 2008

We’re leaving in the morning for SITACon 2008, where we are guests!

Here are some panels we’ll be on! (Schedule not final.)

Friday, October 10th
6:30 PM to 7:30 PM – Opening Ceremonies
11:00 PM to 12:00 AM – Japanese Commercial Apocalypse!


Saturday, October 11th
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM – Manga You Should Read (with Gerald, and Clarissa)
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM – Podcasters Unite (with R5, Gerald, and Clarissa)
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM – Manga Madness
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM – Comiket Survival


Sunday, October 12th
10:30 AM to 12:00 PM – Ninja Consultant Live Podcast

We’ve never done a live show before… at least, not in such a formal setting. I mean it won’t be live after I edit it in post. We’ll probably give away whatever T-shirts we haven’t sold in Artist Alley.

My panels for MangaNext got approved, so look forward to more Crazy Manga Genres and Culinary Manga at the end of the month!