Show #95 – Children Who Chase Lost Voices, Arrietty the Borrower, Civilizational Collapse

Show #095 – Direct Download:

OP:  "マジLOVE1000%" by ST☆RISH, the ending theme of Uta no Prince-sama (here's my review of Uta on Shelf Life)
ED: Opening theme of the 1983 TV series "The Littles"

If this 50mb file is hilariously too large for you, there is a low quality version here.

Show #93 – Seinen Up!! at Genericon 2011

Show #093 – Direct Download:

ED: "Now You’re A Man" by DVDA

@mangacast‘s Seinen Up!! Panel from Genericon 2011.

Apparently this recording was done by monkeys, and as such I apologize for the popping noises throughout. I tried to also remove many of the more awkward pauses, but not all of them, as I have other things to do today. Despite the poor quality, it’s worth toughing this one out for the following reasons:

  • There’s a mention of the true author of Lone Wolf and Cub
  • Ed says shojo is basically dead
  • Learn the entire history of manga! (Almost.)
  • You can learn about the state of the manga industry in France
  • …and more!

Show #92 – Culinary Manga NYCC 2010

Show #092 – Direct Download:

Here is a recording of our Culinary Manga panel from New York Comic Con last fall. I believe it was recorded by Spiraken originally, on an iphone, so the sound quality isn’t great.

@samkusek is also on this panel, and is a major contributor of content.

You can follow along by downloading the PDF of the Powerpoint presentation.

Here is the video played in the middle:

Show #88 – 50 Manga Recommendations in 45 Minutes

Show #088 – Direct Download:

OP: “Rocket” by POLYSICS, the ending theme of Moyasimon; Tales of Agriculture
ED: “Amai Koibito” by Soichi Negishi, the end theme of Detroit Metal City

Our 50 Manga Recommendations in 45 Minutes panel recorded at Genericon 2011.

You can download a PDF of the covers and images in the panel here.

Here are the manga titles, which we cover in alphabetical order in the panel:

20th Century Boys by Naoki Urasawa (Viz)
A Distant Neighborhood by Jiro Taniguchi
A Drifting Life, by Yoshihiro Tatsumi (Drawn & Quarterly)
Akira, Katsuhiro Otomo
Astro Boy
Azumanga Daioh
Black Jack by Osamu Tezuka (Vertical)
Blade of the Immortal by Hiroaki Samura (Dark Horse)
Buddha, vols. 1 and 2, by Osamu Tezuka (Vertical)
Children of the Sea by Daisuke Igarashi (Viz)
Death Note
Detroit Metal City by Kiminori Wakasugi
Disappearance Diary by Hideo Azuma (Fanfare/Ponent Mon)
Dororo, by Osamu Tezuka (Vertical)
Dragon Ball
Emma, CMX
Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima (Del Rey)
Fruits Basket, Natsuki Takaya
Full Metal Alchemist
GoGo Monster by Taiyo Matsumoto (Viz)
Gon by Masahi Tanaka
Happy Happy Clover by Sayuri Tatsuyama (Viz)
High School Debut (Viz)
Hikaru no Go (VIZ)
Honey and Clover, Chika Umino
Kimi ni Todoke, Karuho Shiina
Kitchen Princess, Miyuki Kobayashi and Natsumi Andō
Lone Wolf and Cub by Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima (Dark Horse)
Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture, Masayuki Ishikawa
Mushishi, Yuki Urushibara
Nabari No Ou (Yen Press)
NANA (Viz)
Naruto (VIZ)
Nausica of the Valley of the Wind, Hayao Miyazaki
Nodame Cantabile, Tomoko Ninomiya
Oishinbo by Tetsu Kariya and Akira Hanasaki (Viz)
One Piece
Ookiku Furikabutte, Asa Higuchi
Ooku: The Inner Chambers, Fumi Yoshinaga VIZ
Parasyte, Hitoshi Iwaaki (Del Rey)
Pluto: Urasawa x Tezuka by Naoki Urasawa (Viz)
Real (Viz)
Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei, Kōji Kumeta
Seduce Me After the Show (Aurora/Deux)
Slam Dunk! by Takehiko Inoue (Viz)
Sugar Sugar Rune, Moyoco Anno
Summit of the Gods by Yumemakura Baku and Jiro Taniguchi
Tekkonkinkreet: Black & White, by Taiyo Matsumoto (Viz)
Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms by Fumiyo Kouno (Last Gasp)
Vagabond, Eiji Yoshikawa and Takehiko Inoue
Yotsuba&! (Yen Press)

Show #87 – An Interview with Tom Wayland

Show #087 – Direct Download:

OP & ED: Pokemon theme songs in Hindi

An interview with Tom Wayland at Otakon 2011. Tom has worked at Central Park Media and 4Kids, dubbing anime since before DVDs were invented. We talk to him about his recent work on cartoons made (in English) for India.

From the Otakon press release:

Tom has produced and/or directed hundreds of anime programs such as Now & Then, Here & There, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Alien Nine, The World of Narue, Ichi the Killer, Mew Mew Power, Magical Do Re Mi, and GI Joe and currently serves as the voice director on the hit series Pokemon.

Tom is also a very busy voice actor having appeared in hundreds of titles currently airing on Cartoon Network, Fox, WB, Nickelodeon or available on DVD including Yugi-oh 5Ds as Crow, Lester, and Nervin, GI Joe as Stormshadow, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as Jammerhead, Pokemon as Flint, Reggie, Arceus, and numerous creatures, Ikki Tousen as Kakuton, Three Delivery, Yugi-oh GX, Chaotic, One Piece, Mew Mew Power, Knight Hunters, Genshiken, Gokusen, and keep an ear out for his latest work as one of the lead characters – Finn in Tai-Chi Chasers.

Show #86 – Live at Mike Toole’s Party Otakon 2011

Show #086 – Direct Download:

Audio from @michaeltoole’s party on Thursday night of Otakon, featuring @elliotpage and @DanielBriscoe and sometimes @colonydrop (OK, only one member of Colony Drop).

This is not our greatest show, and it’s unedited, but you get the exact verbatim experience of what it is like to talk to Erin at a party.

I’m releasing a bunch of shows to try and beat Anime World Order to episode 100.

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