Bonus Episode – Dungeons & Dragons

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OP: “Dungeons and Dragons” skit by the Dead Alewives, from the out of print album Take Down the Grand Master
ED: “Dungeons and Dragons part II” also by the Dead Alewives. Perhaps it was never on an album.

The Ninja Consultants will be appearing at the AnimeNext convention at the Meadowlands Expo Center in New Jersey, on Sunday, June 22nd 2008.

Erin and Noah will present two panels, one at 10 AM (the worst possible time slot) and one at 3 PM, (the second worst possible time slot). These times are subject to change without much notice. Look for signs outside the panel room for updates.

The 10 AM panel is “Japanese Commercial Apocalypse” and the 3:00 PM panel is “Manga Madness”.

I assume we’ll be running these panels again at SITACon at the very least, where we’ll be guests. I applied to do the same manga panel at Otakon but I was *definitely officially* rejected.

– Quote of the week: “Kulshedra! I’ve been spelling it wrong forever!!”


We’re really sorry about this everybody! It’s all Erin’s fault!


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17 Responses to Bonus Episode – Dungeons & Dragons

  1. vaughn says:

    what are the panels called that you guys are doing.

    • Oh yeah, that’s important. The 10 AM panel is “Japanese Commercial Apocalypse” and the 3:00 PM panel is “Manga Madness”.

      I assume we’ll be running these panels again at SITACon at the very least, where we’ll be guests.

      • vaughn says:

        thank you for answering me so fast. im going to try to get the anime next. were does the thing that starts the show come from? if you can remember. love the all the new shows. cant wait for more.

        • I assume you’re talking about the classic Dead Alewives skit. I’ll put a link in the notes now. The closer is from the sequel skit. You can find it on youtube under “Summoner Geeks”.

  2. vampt_vo says:

    AnimeNEXT Sunday

    Are you going to be at AnimeNEXT all three days, or only on Sunday? (Sorry if you mentioned this in the show, but I’m still catching up with older ones) If it’s only Sunday, than I sadly won’t be able to meet you guys or attend your panel, seeing as I’m leaving town on Sunday morning.

    • Re: AnimeNEXT Sunday

      We’re just going on Sunday, due to a number of scheduling conflicts and budgetary reasons.

      We’ll be at Otakon with a table, and SITACon as guests, and NYAF as attendees, so they’ll be other chances…

  3. naniwa says:


    ohhh, litches sound like doujin makers of the 80’s… Old wizards of indie comicdom (ero or not).

    And those Replay books are sometimes best sellers often rivaling major light novel releases like Kino’s and FMP!

    • Re: Ura-episode

      Hey boss, could you name a popular replay book title? (Other than Lodoss) so we have some example for the links?

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: Ura-episode

      The character is a “lich” not litch. They are the most powerful undead since they often have very powerful spells. And the only way to properly kill them is to destroy their spirit vessil which could be hidden anywhere.

      There’s a lich in the second D&D movie (which is actually a better movie than the first). One also appears in one of the “Gold Box” D&D games although I forget which one. (Some of the best computer adaptations of D&D ever made.)

      • naniwa says:

        Re: Ura-episode

        Woah… Thanks for the spellcheck. By the way are you a lich? You definitely sound like one. Though you could simply be a troll. I wouldn’t know since I am neither a gamest, simulator nor narrativist. I only play when I stay at the ninja d&d’ers den.

      • Re: Ura-episode

        That second D&D movie *is* pretty good! We have totally seen it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Even Comes the Kobold

    If there ain’t no Keep on the Borderlands, I’m not interested.

  5. Anonymous says:


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