The domain I share kind of got hacked by Nigerians, so we’re sort of down at the moment. I don’t have a new show ready yet anyway.

Thanks to everyone who showed up at our panels at AnimeNext! They were a huge hit!

Otaku USA issue seven comes out real soon, and I have two reviews and a bio in it, so be sure to check out my “Otaku Top Five”!

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  1. eeeper says:

    golfgolfgolf.org? That’s the url they used when they hacked you? Not a sex site name? Or something to do with Viagra? Man, Nigerian hackers are getting lazy!

    Answer me a question? Manganext or Animenext? Which do you prefer?

    Finally, I, at least, got my subscription copy of Otaku USA last month and read your article on Peach Girl. Overall, if you bought this title blind would it stay on your shelf? You, yourself I mean?

    Regardless, congrats on becoming a contributor for the magazine. Seems all the people on my links page are writing for O-USA. At least I can trust the reviews this time rather than Newtype USA. What are you reviewing for this months issue?

    • I wouldn’t buy anything blind, ever, unless Daryl demanded it and I had disposable income! (And Clarissa agreed it was great.)

      In any case, I wouldn’t buy Peach Girl if I were you, because you’re a guy. It’s a pretty girly show. Do you really like love triangles? With hot dudes? This is like KOR for chicks with no psychic powers. I guess some dudes really love Marmalade Boy…

      I really like this show, so it stays on my shelf. I would’ve bought it on a good sale if I didn’t get a review copy.

      • eeeper says:

        Yeah, Daryl said I should buy all of Patlabor blind. And I did!

        As for Peach Girl, meh. Love triangles don’t bother me. Moé does so I’m pretty much impervious to everything else. If this makes me a lesser person, so be it. I DO own all of KOR so this would be a walk in the park for me.

        These review copies you speak of, hmm. They wouldn’t be perks of freelancing for a certain Anime publication would they? Hmmmmmmmm???? -_^

        • erinfinnegan says:

          Being realistic here, the more I get paid for a review the less fancy copy of something I get. The Peach Girl DVD boxset arrived several days after my feature was due. All of the Media Blasters titles I have reviewed I got “check discs” of. The DVDs I get for popcultureshock.com are all “screeners” with no box, and Publisher’s Weekly sends me photocopies and not actual books.

          However, I do get some free books from popcultureshock.com.

        • erinfinnegan says:

          In any case, you could probably get some free anime if you wrote to some companies, told them about your podcast, and asked.

          Dear Publicist,

          My name is […]; I’m the [title] at [blank].com, a website featuring news, reviews, and commentary about comics, movies, television programs, anime, and manga. We are interested in reviewing several forthcoming titles from your 2008 catalog: [list]. We believe that xxx, in particular, would be of interest to our readership. [Maybe say why in 1-2 sentences, and, if there’s a relevant review/blog entry, include the link: “As you can see from the response to this recent post…”] Review copies can be sent to the following address:

          [address of choice]

          I would also like to be added to the email list for press releases and other [name of press] news. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at… If you’d like to see a sample entry in the [blank] blog, here’s a link to a recent review of several Japanese [whatever] [link], as well as a link to the main website.

          Thank you for your time…. Etc.

          Title, [blank].com

          • starlightv says:

            Awesome but they’ll only actually do it if you have a large fanbase already right?

          • You might be surprised! If you know your site stats that helps.

          • Anonymous says:

            You’d be surprised at how stingy places sometimes are, especially with published print material, where the profit margin is usually razor thin, if there is a profit at all. You’d also be surprised (or maybe not) by how little respect and how much contempt a lot of companies have for the writers who cover their industry (this is a general observation, and not targeted specifically at anime or any other market).

            But free copies of finished products are also often frowned upon by editors who don’t want their writers pumping out positive reviews just in hopes of getting more swag. You know you’ve made it when people send you free stuff for review, but you know you’ve really made it when you aren’t allowed to be sent free stuff. This especially hurts when you are reviewing cool gadgets, backpacking equipment, or, say, a new Aston-Martin.

            On the other hand, sometimes you luck into an awesome rep who sends you all sorts of stuff for free anyway. A lot of times, the smaller companies are far more giving.

            But still no Aston-Martins.


  2. Anonymous says:

    From Soar

    Hah! I remember the Golfgolfgolf domain name from long ago when I was peering through your server looking at the images and stuff in your image folder. I know, I’m creepy. 😀

    I really look forward to the next episode, and tell Noah that the Dungeons and Dragons Bonus led me to getting the Core Rulebook 3.5. XD

    Have Fun at Comic Con. Get a sign for G4TV Cameras! (I think they’re there)


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