Manga Recon Show #008: YaoiCast #001 [Explicit 18+]

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0-10:25 – “Only the Ring Finger Knows” – the manga, reviewed by Clio
10:25-14:00 – uke and seme types
14:00- “Desire” reviewed by Gina
16:20 – More BL terms
19:41 – “Rising Storm” reviewed by Z.

BL terms:

Bobuge = BL game
Chikiku Seme = demonic seme (very violent)
DiveIn = well thats self explanitory
GataiUke = replacement uke (a narcissistic uke who wants to replace anoher uke. they often have similar features to the uke they are rivals with).
JKin = characters that look like those from Johnny’s boys bands
Kemoshota = animals with little boys
Kentauros = dogboys/catboys/rabbit-boys…
Nyotaika = characters that obviously look like women
Riba = role reversal manga (uke and seme switch)
RoboYaoi = sci-fi BL with mecha
SasoiUke = an uke from a normal background that captures the heart of a superior seme
Souke / Souseme = ideal uke/seme or obviously one or the other
Yaora = yaoi lover (doesn’t read BL sticks to doujinshi)

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3 Responses to Manga Recon Show #008: YaoiCast #001 [Explicit 18+]

  1. Anonymous says:

    Spreading the fujoshi love

    What up, Ninjas! Yes, I’m the same person who spammed… I mean, commented on your discussion about the rise of yaoi versus the prevalence of gen and het. No, I’m not any closer to forming an awesome localization company which might license crazy niche games, but it’s still my dream.

    Back during Anime Central 2007, I dropped by a shounen ai panel. I was fascinated to realize that the large contingent of rabid slash fans in the panel knew and recognized not only the Enzai BL game, but also Silver Chaos, which was fan translated. Dunno if there are more fan translations of BL games in the works (thankfully, people are working on the otome game Princess Nightmare), but if there aren’t, there should be. No one’s licensing anything, so fans better step in.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Do not want

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