Show #63 – Otakon 2008 Podcasting Party [Explicit]

Show #063 Explicit! Direct Download:

Music: JAM Project singing the Soul Taker Theme, Cha-La Head Cha La, and Wesley Willis’s “I Wupped Batman’s Ass” as well as “Stabbing Westward”


Mike Toole, of Anime News Network
Daryl Surat and Gerald Rathkolb of Anime World Order
David Riley of Dave and Joel’s Fast Karate for the Gentleman
Mike Dent of R5 Central (all of the above are Otaku USA writers as well)
Tyler is the Rangercast
James the Angry Otaku of the Ah!Pon vidcast

Links and cleaned-up show notes coming soon!

Wherein we discuss who the Kano sisters are, and what they were doing at Otakon.
We review the JAM Project concert.
Note to first time concert goers:
– Don’t wear the band’s T-shirt to their concert, you will be “that guy.”
– If the band leaves after their “final number” and the house lights don’t turn on, there’s going to be an encore. Don’t leave!!
– Dave Riley never stops talking!
– Yoshiki Fukuyama’s (Fukuyama was the time traveling cowboy with Sam Hagar’s hair) role models:
1. Gegege No Kitaro
2. Japanese author Osamu Dazai
3. Basaru Nekki
Masaaki Endoh – A member of Poison or Foghat who traveled through time, and became Japanese in the process.

Most violent songs ever created:
– Cha La, Head Cha La
– Violence of the Flame

Gerald points out that we’re mostly Irish.

Dave may have killed Ed Chavez last December.

Birth is worth “exactly $5”. Not plus shipping, just $5 over the counter.

Venus vs. Virus is not Innocent Venus

Chris Oarr might be Dave’s adopted father.

Kigurumi make a showing at Otakon this year

Mike Dent cosplaying as Wesley Willis?

Aren’t you jealous of my Satoshi Kon sketch!?

Tyler is sadly too young to remember the deceased Wesley Willis, known for his song “I Wupped Batman’s Ass”

Noah’s best thing about Otakon: The Akira Baby

Gerald’s favorite: Kappei Yamaguchi’s hair

My Fav: The Anime is Serious Business panel

Mike Toole has seen the Pyongyang animation: Cordo Maltese, there’s a big budget movie Corto Maltese

A three ring binder of badly drawn penises was outselling us in Artist’s Alley (get photo from Gerald)

Mike Dent reveals the last line of his Greatest Movie Ever fanfic.

JAM Project panel

The Kano sisters.

ADV’s “booth.”

Dave Riley and Chris Oarr – separated at birth?

Aren’t you jealous of Erin’s Satoshi Kon sketch?

Gerald hasn’t had a drop to drink.

Neither has Daryl.

Left to right: Gerald, Dave, unknown Wesley Willis cosplayer.

Cosplay has really improved at Otakon this year. That’s the boar from Princess Mononoke!

I still need images of the Akira baby and the crudely drawn penis notebook.

At the very end: Gossip about Paul Chapman and Dave’s girlfriend!

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13 Responses to Show #63 – Otakon 2008 Podcasting Party [Explicit]

  1. aresef says:

    I’m still *the* Rangercast?

    And I assume this episode catches all of my sleepless madness.

  2. starlightv says:

    I want in on the cosplayer cow catcher production.

    Anyway, this was awesome. I wish I was there not only to talk but to drink your beer or whatever and yell at everyone because I like “THAT GUY!” because that means I don’t have to be “that guy!”

    That Satoshi Kon panel was passionate and they were educated in Kon but they were sorta bleh people.

    Now I wait…for the AWO report.

    Thank you. I shall return to my NEET hole.

  3. vincea says:

    Hallway cowcatcher

    I will fund the creation of the hallway cosplayer cowcatcher. The increase in cosplayers has really caused passages at cons to be clogged beyond belief…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Kano Sisters


    Pretty sure the one in white is a man.

    re: Daryl’s picture: I see him lying next to a passed out man, holding what appears to be either a condom or a mustard packet. I don’t need to know more.

  5. Anonymous says:


    Thank you, for calling me not hot.

  6. starlightv says:

    That picture of Gerald made me laugh so hard I choked on my drink.

    Podcasters photos: Almost killing fans everywhere.

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