Show #67 – SITACon 2008 Podcasters Unite – Part 1 – Trivia

Show #067Direct Download:
OP: Black Lagoon OP
ED: Ghost in the Shell; Stand Alone Complex OP

Maybe Noah will add some links later! Also, this show might count as explicit. But maybe not? Let’s call this episode “OT,” for “older teen,” 14+.

Podcasters Present:
Anime World Order
R5 Central
Happy House of Hentai
Ninja Consultants

This podcast is about:

Gerald’s Hobby is taking pictures of Mike Dent:

– Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist is a reference to The Thin Man

Rock Holmes
– Captain Hitler
– No one should ever watch Eiken, ever.

– Chi’s Sweet Home

– “You don’t mess with owl-bears… unless you’re 7th level or higher.”
– What if 4-chan answered Densha Otoko’s messages instead if 2chan?

Podcasters We Mentioned:
– Ed from the MangaCast
– Dave and Joel

Promo: Ani-Gamers podcast. Here is a picture of Evan:

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6 Responses to Show #67 – SITACon 2008 Podcasters Unite – Part 1 – Trivia

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hew Now

    What? No questions about the differences between Burn Up and Burn Up W? What the hell kind of show you running here?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Factual Error

    I noticed a slight error in the game show. It turns out that Sheryl is actually the analogue to Minmay because they are both singers who are total Bs.

    Ok Ok. That is just mean. In all in all I actually feel that you cannot accurately make a 1 for 1 juxtaposition between the love triangle in the original Macross and the one in Macross Frontier. Whenever anyone does it they just take the girl that they like and say they are the new Misa and take the girl they hate and make her the new Minmay. Then they quote all the similarities between the two girls and blatantly ignore all the differences. I say there was no correct answer. It’s a trap.

    It sounds like that Sitacon panel and Sitacon in general was tons of fun. We need more Jojos and Char questions in Anime fandom. I wish I had be able to go to Sitacon Maybe I will go next year.

    – Hisui

  3. vampt_vo says:

    Hey, thanks so much for posting the promo, guys! The episode was quite entertaining of course.

    And before anybody asks: Yes, that is my real face. I’m just surprised that Erin had the courage and skill to take that picture before I shot a bullet straight through the camera lens.

  4. Anonymous says:

    For those curious about the Sex Slave Link story:

    From 19:54 to 24:59. Enjoy….

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