Show #005 – Live From Otakon

Show #005 Direct Download:

Live from Otakon Artist’s Ally, Full Metal Fantasy Review, The Impromptu Yaoi Overflow Panel

If you want credits for the photos below, let me know, and I’ll credit you however you want.


Bryce’s Golden Boy Hot Hot Heat AMV

Zoe’s website is It’ll eventually have stuff like this:

What is glomping?

Three guys dressed as a Tetris piece, and me dressed as Nausicaa:

You should have seen all of Miyazaki’s works!

6-year-old boys dressed as Hamtaro characters last year:

The Copy Ninja, a riff on Kakashi:

At that point in the podcast, another girl dressed as Nausicaa shows up! She’s with her parents – she’s probably 10 years younger than me:

Vic Mignogna the Voice Actor of Edward Elric and director of the short film Full Metal Fantasy.

My Life in Fandom
“Anime, you know, like nurses and robots and shit.”

Guy wearing shirt with iron-on letters, “Inu Yasha is the Worst Show Ever”:

Bondage Fairies (If you find out what they are, you can’t unlearn it, I’m just saying.)

Bishie Auctions are a standard of Yaoicon.

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12 Responses to Show #005 – Live From Otakon

  1. bulghod says:

    hey, nice nice show.
    glomping is not dead, if just feels funny.

    and that yaoi panel did kick ass, and for those who were there i have to ask two things,
    1. was the kid handcuffed there puerto-rican looking? i’m not sure if my friend was the one handcuffed or not. i think he was
    2. are these the fairies?

    • Since the “Inu Yasha” iron-on T-shirt guys is right in front of the bondage fairies in the photo – I think yes, those are the right people.

      I wasn’t there myself, but I’ll ask Zoe if the kid was Puerto-Rican-looking.

    • Hey, this is Zoe!

      Yep – those guys are the fairies. 🙂 They’re awesome. the guy in the white shirt in the front of the picture is the InuYasha t-shirt guy. The best shirt ever.

      Hmm, the guy who was handcuffed did indeed have a potentially Puerto Rican shade of skin tone (heh, I realize that’s quite a broad statement and encompasses a large percentage of the world), so I’m not sure. But sure, I imagine he could have been Puerto Rican. I seem to recall that he also had a sort of hipster army cap on, if that helps.

      • bulghod says:

        The cap does help. It’s not my friend. I remember my friends having a whole lot done to him during the yaoi line and the panel, and i didn’t know if that was one of them. i know he got glomped to the ground, but oh well.

        We’ll handcuff him next yeat

  2. Anonymous says:

    Music too loud

    My only complaint about this show (and pretty much all of the prior episodes) is that the music is too loud. During editing, please make sure that the music is slightly softer than the talking. It’s a lot less painful to hear over-loud talking than it is to hear over-loud music. Otherwise, your show is great.

    • Re: Music too loud

      I often try to reduce the level of the music to match the crappy level I record sound at – but maybe it isn’t enough. I will try harder for episode 7! (Episode 6 is done editing, so it’s too late to fix it!)

  3. Anonymous says:


    I hate dat shirt more then anything in the world…I LOVE INUYASH!!!!!!!!!!<3

  4. Anonymous says:

    loyol ninja master here i am

    heed u beeer i but sti i master of all

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