No, we haven’t retired from podcasting!

We’ve just been too busy, you know, appearing on Adult Swim and stuff:

More info on our wedding website.

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13 Responses to No, we haven’t retired from podcasting!

  1. ecmyers says:

    That is the greatest thing ever! How will you top this? How?!

  2. stevopants says:

    Livin’ the Goddamn DREAM!!!

  3. lostphrack says:

    Good to see that AS can do something neat still. And congrats again!

  4. soggytoast says:

    You guys are famous.

  5. soggytoast says:

    Also, I want Noah to sign my breasts.

  6. negativeq says:


    That is kickass!

    No one will be able to top this!

  7. grim_noir says:

    BTW, if Noah is losing faith in American cinema, you both should check out “Up.” IMHO, this is the film to beat this summer: Strong characters, strong emotion, actual thematic elements and solid storytelling with a satisfactory ending.

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