Show #70 – 20th Century Boys

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OP and ED: “20th Century Boy”” by T. Rex in reference to 20th Century Boys by Naoki Urasawa

We totally saw these two movies. And the Korean Antique Bakery movie.

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Thanks to everyone who donated towards our wedding!!

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7 Responses to Show #70 – 20th Century Boys

  1. eeeper says:

    You fools!

    You really shouldn’t have mentioned about the Fine, Totally Fine movie.

    Ordered and on it’s way to me. I’ll stick it in with your wedding gift. It’s only a DVD so it’ll fit snug into the box.


    • Re: You fools!

      You better watch that movie before you send it! We’ll know if it’s still shrink wrapped…

      Actually it would better if you kept it and just like, made us a copy with no region encoding, but we wouldn’t ask you to do that because, y’know, it’s illegal.

  2. Congradulations on your wedding.

  3. Anonymous says:

    20th Century Boys

    I’m kind of disappointed in your review. Of course, you can have whatever opinions you want, but I figured you guys would really enjoy it. I’m also not happy with the “Everyone told me it was awesome, so it was really built up in my mind, and then when it didn’t meet my expectations, that meant that it’s a bad work” I guess people should only ever aspire to mediocrity. That way, you’ll always exceed people’s expectations. I do like the podcast, just….I guess I just wish you guys had liked the manga. Oh well.

    • Re: 20th Century Boys

      We do really like the manga! If you listen closely, you’ll hear that the movies are what really sucked – the first movie was OK, it’s the 2nd movie that was really terrible.

      Regardless of expectations, those films were poorly crafted! The manga is very well-made, even if the story gets drawn out for too long.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: 20th Century Boys

        Oh. It seemed like you were kind of down on the manga, with your comments about Akira, and how you felt the manga lost a little bit by volume 3(it does get a lot better towards volume 8, which is the end of the first arc), and how Erin said that no manga should go past volume 4. Maybe I’m a bit sensitive about 20th Century Boys. Thank you for reply. I’m glad to hear you’re going to keep reading the manga, because it really is as good as most people say. (I think the second arc isn’t quite as good as the first, and I haven’t read the third arch yet, so I can’t comment.)

  4. bychoice says:

    The Narrative Rant

    I totally enjoyed Noah’s narrative arc rant. However, it seems like anything that is going to run as a serial is going to have this problem. I disagree that the lack of endings is rampant in modern media, though. You mentioned video games, and while there are certainly some with lame endings, there are also games like Mass Effect, which have quite powerful endings. Now, I guess one could point to all the MMOs, but I don’t think they are intended to have a story arc. In most, you perpetually play one moment in time. Generally, books (and the short stories I listen to in podcasts) still have story arc. I can’t speak for movies these days, as I haven’t watched that many movies that have come out recently. Ultimately, I think a good ending is hard to do, though, especially if you have no idea how long your story will be running.

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