Otakon 2009 – Booth R12

I only made a few of these. You can get ’em at Booth R12 in Otakon’s Artist Alley. I’m making buttons that say the same thing as well.

All our panels got rejected 🙁 but I might be on the “Review Anime the Right Way” panel tentatively scheduled for Saturday at 7 PM, with other Otaku USA writers.

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5 Responses to Otakon 2009 – Booth R12

  1. These are so beautiful and horrible, it feels like looking directly at Zeus naked (I might die of awesomeness!). Somehow I didn’t picture them in pink! any chance I could get you to make me one in black, maybe if I supplied the shirt?

  2. This makes me vomit out of every orifice. Congrats! Great shirt!

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