Show #71 – The Webcomic Episode

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OP and ED: "Theme from Mega Force" by Movie Night: The Band

Hetalia – began as a webcomic, and was collected into manga volumes, then adapted into an anime series which was streamed online for free in Japan.
Tonari No 801-chan was similarly a webcomic, and I think it was adapted into a live action drama series.

At 1 h 9m 35s – we talk about Japanese comics some more, and it’s historical and informative.

Guest: Chris from Ego and the Squid

If my hotlinking crashes your server let me know.

Chris’s Favs:
Dinosaur Comics
Penny Arcade
New Feelings
American Elf
Scene Language
Star Shaped Rock
Daisy Owl
The Ego And The Squid
The Order Of The Stick
Fart Party
Hark! A Vagrant
Cat And Girl
Creased Comics
Natalie Dee
Married To The Sea
Toothpaste For Dinner

Noah’s Favs:
Penny Arcade
Skinhorse (by the author of Narbonic)
Erfworld (dude is cool)
Order of the Stick

Erin’s Favs:
A Kick in the Head
Perry Bible Fellowship (retired)
Fart Party
Jerk City (NSFW)
Dinosaur Comics

Old-Timey Comics:
Married to the Sea
Edison Hates the Future

Some Other Mentions:
Alien Loves Predator
Idiot Comics
Irregular Comics

Webcomic Cons:
New England Webcomics Weekend

Goodbye Kim’s Video Underground!

Now Syndicated: Diesel Sweeties

Paper Comics:
Ted Rall of Tom the Dancing Bug
Ernie Pook’s Comeek by Lynda Barry

Topatocow Store for the coolest shirts

Drama Webcomics:
Scene Language

Eventually we talk about manga again – around 57-1 hour in.
Viz’s IKKI – titles for free
Rin-E – Rumiko Takahashi’s bland Bleach rip-off

Garfield Without Garfield
Lasagna Cat

Flethcher Hanks reprints – Super Wizard Stardust (recommended!)

1 h 9m 35s – Japanese strip comics

A Drifting Life – read it!
My Neighbors the Yamadas – based a newspaper strip – recommended!

4-Koma strips in translation:
Azumanga Daioh (recommended)
Lucky Star
Shoulder a Coffin Kuro
S.S. Astro
Cosplay Kurumi-chan

Although not a strip comic, High School Girls is recommended!

60 Ways to Leave Your Mother
Star Shaped Rock
American Elf
Creased Comics by Brad Neeley, who did Wizard People Dear Reader, and a hilarious short about George Washington


Gamma Quadrant
Anime Roundtable

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9 Responses to Show #71 – The Webcomic Episode

  1. stevopants says:

    Yeah, Corey who does Scene Language is a good friend of mine.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Ninjas, it’s just under a month before AWA. I went there in ’07, was relatively impressed, and met you. I’ll be back this year. Planning to go?

    In an earlier episode, you talked about print comics in the “post-collector boom” of the mid-90s, when the only shops left were poorly maintained, and never in a good area. I got introduced to “non-superhero, non-newspaper” comics in 1995 — which I didn’t know existed prior to then. One of the small press comics that I liked back then (Bone) finished up. Others became web-only, went on hiatus, or ended abruptly. So yeah, the late 90s were bad times for indie comics.

    I guess it doesn’t cost as much to create webcomics, but there’s no way to deny that plenty of them have died or faded away.

    • Bone is huge now – they’ve colored it and sell it to schools and such. It’s a best seller these days!

      We’re not going to AWA this year – the wedding was too expensive and we’re in a bit of debt at the moment.

  3. Anonymous says:


    “In Sweden anchors were sometimes termed Kronkiters.”

    Yeah, that’s not true. We have always called them “nyhetsankare”.

    • Re: Kronkiters

      We heard the retraction on NPR later, where various people in Sweden wrote in to point out that it was never true.

      However, by the time they corrected themselves the erroneous factoid had been on not only the regular news, but also in the news quiz show “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.”

      We recorded the podcast before the correction was issued…

      But dissemination of false information is a serious problem in American journalism at the moment.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Kronkiters

        God, if only there some sort of reliable font of news. One man the nation could turn to. A veritable Kronkite, if you will, or someone one trying to be cut from that same cloth. A Kronkiter, if you will.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Kronkiters

        Swedish journalism isn’t all that different to be honest. But Swedes, like most of Europeans it seems, love to sit on their high horse and look down on the rest of the world. 🙂

  4. bigscary says:

    Bit late here, but as far as Annie goes, it ended and was revived (twice!) — the current run is completely insane and genre, to boot. The last time I checked in, she had been sent home from ancient Atlantis (!), but was proceeding home the long way, visiting Annies throughout times, styles, and continuities (!!), including an Annie aiding the French Resistance in WWII, who she meets hiding out from the Nazis in a traincar.

    Weird stuff.

  5. Anonymous says:

    New England Comic Something Something

    It was called the New England Webcomic Weekend. God, I’m great at remembering things.

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