Show #007 – David Ng Interview, Part 1

Show #007 Direct Download:

David Ng interview, part one.

Sorry! The show notes are going to be late on this one. In the meantime, check out David Ng’s extensive collection of con photography. You can even “Friend” him on livejournal. His name is ngmaster.

Erin’s manga reviews are at under “Manga Recon”. They have forums over there, too.

OnnaFest is October 8-10 in Newark, NJ.

  • This is probably the worst editing job I’ve done so far. I did some kind of noise removal on me and Noah’s intro, and it sounds really, really bad, but by the time I noticed it, it was too late to undo! I also only listened to the first part of the David Ng interview once – it probably could’ve used more editing. What’s my exuse? I’m seeing Serenity in exactly 24 hours!

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10 Responses to Show #007 – David Ng Interview, Part 1

  1. cojir0 says:

    ^_^ Yay! Thank you for another fun show!

    • Hey British guy – have you been calling Otakugeneration and leaving them voicemail? I mean, I assume there are more than one or two British anime fans who listen to podcasts, but maybe not.

  2. sneakingyoda says:

    David pointed me to your pod casts, I fid them great- I will be listening in the future.

  3. pts says:

    I think you guys are pretty funny, and I like hearing about crazy fandom shit and new anime — I do. For that, this is a decent podcast. I truly believe that.

    Why don’t I listen to otakugeneration? Because each episode is nearly two hours. Which is completely ridiculous. Deminding an hour and a half of my time is totally beyond what I’m prepared to give a podcast by anyone.

    So that’s why you guys win. You’re funny, and you’re sub-half-hour. Just long enough to get the dishes done.

    But if there’s another interview as long and boring as this one… I’m sorry, but no. Edit that shit down. Please. Think of the children.

    (I was at the A-Kon 7 blackout, too. Ah, the memories.)

    • Dude!!! You were at the A-Kon 7 Blackout?!! You need to like Skype us so we can talk about it. We need to get a Skype number so you can call us from a regular phone. Email us.

      Meanwhile – I think the first part of the David Ng interview was sorta dull, but in the second part he talks about Comiket. Oh, how I want to go to Comiket!! The third part will hopefully be shorter. I think I’m pretty much through with that ‘footage’.

      I can’t assure you future interviews won’t be any more or less boring. I can only guarentee that unlike Otakugeneration, we will not spend three shows, or 4.5 hours talking about a duck’s ass.

  4. jyuufish says:

    Hi! This is a comment to an entry that is reaaaaaally old, however it surely must prove that there are people who are so intriqued with your shows that they want to go back and do their homework. I’m enjoying what I’m hearing so far, can’t really make any comments as once again, I have quite a bit of catch up to do.

    Definitely adding you to my friend’s list!

    • Good god, you’re commenting on show #7?! For Christmas 2005 we got a mixer, and at the end of 2007 we got a pair of really sweet mics.

      So you can at least look forward to much better audio!

      • jyuufish says:

        I know, I am. Hey I did the same thing with Anime World Order, I went back and listened to everything, even the really terrible episodes.

        But I love what you guys are saying so far! Quality of Show is nice, but what you guys are saying is FAR more amusing I think and really speaks for itself.

        I do look forward to future shows, this will probably be the last past past episode that I comment to, but I am really digging this podcast so far, just wanted to give you shoutouts for that much!

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