Show #81 – Otakon 2010

Show #081 – Direct Download:

Music: The Yoshida Brothers (who were guests at Otakon 2010, and I really ought to have gone to that concert)

Starring podcast superstars:

Daryl, Clarissa, and Gerald of Anime World Order and Dave and Joel from Fast Karate.

At 23:20, we Erin interviews Ed Chavez of Vertical Inc. (and the MangaCast) about the sales of Chi’s Sweet Home.

Also starring:

David Cabrera of Subatomic Brainfreeze and Colony Drop, Evan Minto from Ani-Gamers and Tyler from the Rangercast.

There are two other people in this show, and I’ve forgotten their names (again).

Part of the show is devoted to discussing a single issue of Ageha magazine (pictured above).

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One Response to Show #81 – Otakon 2010

  1. Anonymous says:

    Those guys who’s names you forgot

    Holy crap has it already been over a years since then? I still remember that night. So awesome. So yeah, I hope you guys get this. This is Sean, that guy who was (and still is) working on his own podcast who was chatting about Frederick, MD and such near the end of this episode. Going to be honest, I just listened to this for the first time earlier tonight at work. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I heard both my friend Richard (He spoke of the savior of G Unit) and myself. I really should have listened to this episode far sooner.

    Well I hope to join you guys again next Otakon, considering I was unable to make it this past year. By then I am sure that my own “Rat Pack Podcast” Will have a few episodes out. At least a hope so.
    Thanks for leaving me in the fun.

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