Show #99 – Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011 Part 2 with AWO and the OSMcast

Show #099 – Direct Download:
OP & ED: “Chase the Light!” by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the opening song to Kaiji Season 2, which I don’t think we talk about in the show at all.

With special guests from the OSMcast and Anime World Order.

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6 Responses to Show #99 – Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011 Part 2 with AWO and the OSMcast

  1. thebasilblog says:

    I took that picture! I think.

    This is obviously the comment you were looking for.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    If I may defend myself…

    …I proposed that panel for New York Comic Con. When it was rejected to make room for, like, four people who like steampunk telling a room full of people that they like steampunk, I decided to apply myself to further personal research in the form of Johnny Drum 101. AWA was a curve ball, and one I could no attend, as I was saving money for a trip to Eastern Europe that is now not going to happen.

    My sub-suggestion is that we team up and do this panel in a bar, where intense research can occur. And that we should do this panel at least three times a week, in one form or another.

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