Show #018b – Our View on Fansubs, Part 1

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Steve complained that we hadn’t used his music in a long time, so you’ll hear a new piece of his in this show. Where’s my Ira Glass impression, huh, Steve?

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8 Responses to Show #018b – Our View on Fansubs, Part 1

  1. Lost is available on itunes, LOL… I bought a few…
    Also Itunes has like a weird kind of region coding with their stores. Has to do with each countries copy-write laws… so us can only buy from us japan japan and so forth, there are ways around, like the gift-cards but yeah that’s the thing. Also Japan only was it 6 months or so ago finally joined itunes, and there was much hoopla because initially there was very few music distributors on their that signed up to have their talent ion the store so music was slim picking. now of the big acts are there, and even now some are still missing. some companies are slowly joining…. reasons is Japan has a very different very popular way of distributing music where you go and rent cd’s alot like blockbuster and then put them on you ipods and what not. it’s a system that worked well for them and they are stubborn when it comes to change. also they were very iffy about pirating and putting music on web, (which happens no matter what) this is a very drunk explanation of what i know, you’ll have to ask me and ninja about it when i am more coherent…

    • Hahaha… thanks for the drunken feedback! That’s the best kind of feedback!

      A couple people have written to us with similar corrections to what we said in this show. Eventually we’ll do a follow-up saying what we got wrong or didn’t know enough about.

  2. Anonymous says:

    from asakura_kun

    Good God, I’ve had that same experience as well! I was browsing around the iTunes store, and I saw that you could change the language, and I’m like, “Hey I’ll change it to Japanese for the heck of it!” and to my utter dismay… Yeah. Muhahaha… I have contacts in Japan and maybe they could send me an iTunes Japan gift card… Muhahaha…

    Another thing, weren’t you supposed to APOLOGIZE IN THE PODCAST? If you are, do it, if your not, don’t.

    Another Another thing, say it with me, ass-uh-kuu-raa-kuuun. Meh.
    (0) (0)
    (o^^o) < "no harsh feelings, though."

    • Re: from asakura_kun

      All the parts of 18 were recorded at once, so we haven’t recorded an apology yet. Gomen!

      However, if you want me to pronounce your name right, call the voicemail, or send an mp3! Also spell it in Japanese so I can read it. I assumed it was あさくらくん.

  3. stormsweeper says:

    I guess I should point out here (if you havent already been deluged in emails about it) that RIAA hasn’t stopped suing people. They filed about a thousand of them last month (albeit mostly “John Doe” ones). I guess it just doesn’t get much news play unless the victim is very old or very young.

    Also, distributing fansubbed anime is quite clearly illegal for a variety of reasons, although it is one of those things that seems to be tolerated.

    • People have been emailing us about this, that, and the other thing, but they haven’t sent this RIAA link, or mentioned much on that.

      Fansubs may be illegal, but there’s a complete lack of court cases to cite one way or the other.

  4. Anonymous says:


    hi erin. just wanted to give u props for trying always be accurate and post non-misinformation, retractions, and corrections, and for posting a link to my site. i was actually pointing your site out to a friend when i saw that u’d edited ep 18 and posted a link back to me!
    it was totally karma!

    much love (no intentions Noah, no intentions!)

    Chi @ Tokyo Anime Insider Video Podcast

    • Re: thnx

      Hahaha, I like that you’ve called it “Non-misinformation”. Wouldn’t that be actual “information”?

      I’m starting to think more and more about how podcasters and bloggers, and god help us audio bloggers, are not real journalist at all. I’m not a real journalist. But I am a nerd, and as such I care about accurate information and facts.

      I watched the latest of your shows, about cosplay. Short and hilarious! Can’t wait for the Tokyo Anime Fair footage.

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