Show #019a – The 2006 Otakon Artist’s Alley Debacle and Thoughts on the Issue of “Fanart”, Part 1

Show #019a Direct Download:

Noah is noticeably absent from part 1 of this show, but rest assured he has a very long opinion on the issue by the time we reach part three.

Otakon – it’s an anime convention held in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s the biggest one on the East Coast, and either the 1st or 2nd biggest in the U.S.

Other conventions mentioned:

Promos played:

  • Anime Pulse EDIT: We seriously did not mean to sound quite so harsh to Anime Pulse in this show and that other show where we discussed something they said. We’ll talk about this more in our Errors/Retractions show, coming soon!
  • Randomization Podcast
  • Fish in a Barral Podcast Noah wants to know if they’ve misspelled “barrel” wrong on purpose or not.
  • AWO mocking WARP
  • Anime 101

Can you guess where our music in this show was from? The first person to email me with the correct answer AND the first person to comment on livejournal (with the correct answer) AND the first person to leave voicemail containing the answer all get a free volume of manga (you can’t win twice, one winner per mailing address). So that’s three winners, total. Ms. Wildgoose, Noah, my brother, Derek, and Scott are ineligible to win (you know who you are).

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18 Responses to Show #019a – The 2006 Otakon Artist’s Alley Debacle and Thoughts on the Issue of “Fanart”, Part 1

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have yet to listen! (from soar)

    Can’t wait to listen to the podcast! (cant right now… T_T) Thanks for putting the promo in!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think I knows the music!

    Is it from Nausicaa?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Aww man -.-

    Didn’t listen to it yet…and I still need to see Nausicaa (hope I spelled it right) anyways…yup I’m a noob.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Holy crap…

    I think since you’re on the topic of legal implications you should prepare for my lawsuit. You see my ears are bleeding and my brain is numbed by your completely inane chatter upon topics and ideas that you obviously know little about.

    I mean have you even listend to an actual quality episode of basically any other podcast on earth? Maybe it’s not your fault, maybe it’s just because you’re the worst kind of people possible. Maybe, all female otaku are simply constructed from atoms of the most annoying atomic weight in the entire limits of existence. These “annoyons” comprise the hosts of this show in a particularly unsavory fashion, yielding nearly atomic destructive levels of awfulness.

    I’d ask you to kill yourselves, however perhaps the concentration of “annoyons” would in Highlander-like fashion concentrate into one 5,000 pound, horrificly cosplayed, pocky devouring, yayoi-adoring, sexless, tasteless, behemoth that would rend the world in two with the mere sound of her ear splitting whining.


    An intelligent female.

    • Re: Holy crap…

      Thank you for your feedback! Please also be sure to review us in the iTunes store!

    • Re: Holy crap…

      I would really love for you to write a detailed essay in which you explain the way in which we proved ourselves unintelligent and uninformed. I will then use this essay to make myself a better person, and to improve the world in which we live.

      *waits patiently*

      • Re: Holy crap…

        Dude, I don’t think she’s going to listen to the show again to take notes, what with her ears bleeding and all.

        Also she urged us to commit suicide, so I don’t think she belives that self-improvement is possible, at least not for people like us.

    • emsariel says:

      Re: Holy crap…


      I’m trying to decide whether my favorite part of this is:
      a) the clear, blazing ignorance of anything about you or your work
      b) the anonymous posting
      c) the lack of any actual substance or criticism in the post
      d) the knowledge that, no matter what they thought of your podcast, they chose to listen to it. And then chose to waste their time with this.

      See? One good chuckle and revenge is yours already!

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: Holy crap…THIS IS HATE MAIL!!!!!

      To the person who left the message for the ninja consultant website complaining about, hang on let me paste this up, “your completely inane chatter upon topics and ideas that you obviously know little about” and “Maybe it’s not your fault, maybe it’s just because you’re the worst kind of people possible” I have the following to say:

      Obviously you have no idea what you talking about because if you did then you’d realise that it takes a strength of character to put yourself into the public spotlight and get savaged by the listening world. You have to accept that if you put your opinion out there then get ready for a verbal beating. Being able to do that AND still carry on is a virtue to be congratulated on.

      It takes a weakness of character to attack someone from the safety and anonymity of the crowd. To attack someone the way you did, is fine. As long as the playing field is level. If you must insist on having a go at the Ninja consultants, Erin in particular, then have the good grace to do it openly. I’m not saying give us your life history, but show what kind of person you are truly. Anonymous indeed.

      If you insist on keeping your identity a secret then do not attack people in this way.

      Tenji Gozza

    • dreamerdown says:

      Re: Holy crap…

      I will actually ask you to kill yourself though.

      The Ninja Consultants have adorable voices. New listener as of today, flew in from some other podcasts. I am prepared to revel in my newfound lack of intelligence.


  5. pete_wisdom says:

    Okay, I’ve added you to the friendslist…

    So, erm, how did you like my appearance on last week’s OG (show #43–it’s a prime number, you know) podcast?

    • I always like hearing people talk about Dr. Who (even though I failed to listen to all of those Dr. Who podcast I subscribed to…)

      It was a fine show! You sounded much less crazy as a guest than as a person leaving voicemail. This makes me think that my voicemail to other shows might also come off as sounding crazy.

  6. man, no one has ever invented a word for me, that is so freakin’ cool.

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  8. jyuufish says:

    Once again this is so after the fact, and I don’t know if it’s improved since I’ve spent a good couple of years wrestling with the demands of real life (and thus I missed a few good years of wank, certainly missed this one.. surprising since I have an artist friend that goes to Otakon every year. I probably shouldn’t even be replying to this, but I am.. because somehow I’m compelled and I love things that actually give me fodder for thought.

    I have a question though, how did it go.. the Artist’s Alley for that year, was there any noticible changes? To my way of thinking, fanart is the drive, as cool as original characters are (I know, I have a few hidden up my sleeves), it is anime characters that people really get attached to and will be willing to shell out the money for (Unless of course you are some major web comic artist who has a small legion of followers willing to conquer small states in your name).

    You probably mentioned it in a later podcast, but ultimately I am very curious as to how it went.

    God, I feel like 3 years ahead of the time.. oh wait, I am.

    • There were no noticeable changes to the offerings in Artist Alley that year. Many of the artists seemed unaware of the new policy completely. Otakon backed down a lot from the original proclamation and the head of artist alley was someone else the next year.

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