Show #020a – Errors and Feedback, Part 1 – How to Pronounce Naruto

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Those giant inflatable rats. This picture (not taken by me) is just outside of NYU’s library. There are a helpful signs on it’s paws, but usually you’re not so lucky as to know what, exactly, the rat is protesting.

Skype us, our name is “Ninjaconsultant”. We’ve already gotten one prank call.

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5 Responses to Show #020a – Errors and Feedback, Part 1 – How to Pronounce Naruto

  1. caligonyx says:


    that is so benny hill music isnt it?!
    nice one guys.

    it seems like a noah thing more than an erin thing. am i right?

  2. thecomicman says:

    yeah, i pretty much agree that foreign words are difficult to pronounce; however, we should always strive to pronounce them correctly, but only if they haven’t entered the English lexicon or are proper nouns.

    example: ninja and samurai are Japanese words with Japanese pronunciations, but they’ve both entered the American English lexicon and have, in effect, become English words with English pronunciations. Proper nouns like Naruto or Akira or any other Japanese title of an anime, manga, movie, etc., is still a Japanese word that will never enter the English lexicon because of the fact that they are proper nouns. it’s like names. i don’t care what country another person is from, they better pronounce my name correctly, and i will do the same for them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    (Daryl Surat)

    I wrote you some email about all this, but I think this picture effectively encapsulates the entirety of this pronounciation debate:

    Oh yeah, and thanks for running our promo!

  4. bhanesidhe says:

    oh no, just go on. nick all my decent icons and misspell my name 😛

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