Show #21a – Nana and Ouran High School Host Club

Show #021a Direct Download:

Opening song: “Rainbow in the Dark” by Dio, from the Very Best of Dio album

Songs in the Middle: The “Real Otaku Heros” songs are by Le Jizm, and the complete set of them is available for download here.

“Sakura kiss” by Chieko Kawabe is the opening theme of Ouran High School Host Club

End Song: “Rose” by Tsuchiya Anna, the opening theme of the Nana anime series.

Why Dio? We were inspired by this video, which aired during the VH1 top 40 metal songs of all time countdown (Spoiler: #1 was “Iron Man”.) We here at the NC podcast think that the creature on the cover of the Beast of Dio album looks like the demon locked inside Naruto. Also Dio is the villain in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Write in to us with a list of your favorite shows if you want to know what we think of them! We’ll add them to the list of “Ninja Consultant Approved and Disapproved Titles”.

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15 Responses to Show #21a – Nana and Ouran High School Host Club

  1. pdelahanty says:

    Apples to Apples kicks ass.
    End of discussion. 😉

  2. Re: …

    He’ll figure it out when he listens to it, I’m sure.

    On the plus side I didn’t have to boost the volume on it artificially, I finally got half-way decent levels. But er…. yeah… gotta figure out all the right settings with two mics.

    • Re: …

      Call me crazy, but I feel like I can almost hear the good sound quality hidden within just trying to break free. Filtering might’ve shielded it, but it wasn’t as echoey as it is usually. I liked the first few episodes of Ouran Host Club, though it’s also because I think Haruhi is cute.

      • Re: …

        It didn’t sound as echoey because Noah had his own mic, and wasn’t sitting in the back of the room like I usually make him.

        I think I know what went wrong… well, mostly.

        • Re: …

          Heh, I got a funny image

          Erin: I’m sitting here, you sit BACK THERE

          Noah: But it smells funny!

          Erin: SIT!

          *switches to pleasant podcast voice*

          Erin: Hi and welcome to Ninja Consultant…!

          • Re: …

            That is hilariously accurate!

            Although really I was making Noah sit far from the mic because he’s too loud and I’m too quiet. He’d keep leaning forward to shout into the mic, too… so annoying!

  3. stevopants says:

    I have to correct your Dio refference. The album is “THE VERY BEAST OF DIO”


  4. Anonymous says:

    Zowie Yaoi

    “Mountain of Yaoi” is a podcast name just waiting to happen.

  5. Anonymous says:

    can you re upload the “Sakura kiss” by Chieko Kawabe is the opening theme of Ouran High School Host Club End Song: “Rose” by Tsuchiya Anna
    my email is….

  6. naniwa says:

    Nana did not run in a fashion magazine. Paradise Kiss, Happy Mania and Tokyo Tribes come from a fashion magazine but NANA came from a manga magazine called Cookie.

    • Ooooh… I knew Paradise Kiss was in a fashion magazine and can’t remember what I said about NANA on the show. Is it normal for manga to appear in fashion magazines?

      Some of the NANA import merchandise at cons I’ve been seeing is totally freaking sweet. Punk T-shirts for the Black Stones and awsome plaid backpacks… good stuff! Although I was annoyed to find the price tag in yen on one thing I bought – the dealer had marked it up $10! Gah!

      • naniwa says:

        Its not uncommon to see strip (4-panel/4-koma) manga in any magazine – sports, business, fashion – but to see a feature length manga like a Tokyo Tribes or ParaKiss in one is not (well unless you call NewType or Animage fashion?!)

        That said, Shodensha the publisher of Happy Mania, Erica Sakurasawa, ParaKiss and Tokyo Tribes (and many many more) they are a fashion mag company first and a manga publisher second. So some titles have been featured in their mags. Zipper in particular often has a feature length title or two.

        Shodensha does have a manga magazine – Feel Young – a josei mag. Most of their titles come from this magazine. TP has picked up a good number over the years and CPM before they went belly-up signed a few that might never get printed in English now 🙁

  7. do you know where a nana t-shirt can be found. my freind got one at a con, but i was hoping to find one online

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