Show 22b – Anime Boston 2006 Part 2 – Con Stories

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Music: 7 O’Clock News by Tokio, and Panic by Still Small Voice. These songs were the original opening and ending songs to the first 40-ish episodes of Kodocha, a show which we recommend to anyone age 11 and over. Funimation couldn’t get the rights to the Tokio song, and we really can’t imagine the opening without it, but it’s still totally worth watching the series. With your daughter!

The Chibi Project

How many people attended Anime Boston? Well, that page doesn’t say yet, but we heard it was up from 7,500 last year to 10,000 this year.

We talk a lot about Death Note cosplayers and fans. If you want an “L” t-shirt look for our table at Otakon.


Noah talks like an M.I.T. recruiter. Here’s MIT’s Anime Club’s homepage. Did you know that MIT has appeared in several anime series?

The Bishounen Support Corps Here’s their photo collection. You can email them at bishounen-support-corps AT mit DOT edu, and talk about them in this forum thread.


I talked to an Itachi from Bergen Community College’s Anime Club, who I ran into two weeks later at AnimeNext.

I thought the Happy House of Hentai’s new promo was really funny, so I stuck it in this show. Hopefully you won’t get their jokes if you’re under 16 or so.

Do you know who Cthulhu is?


Buddy Christ is from Dogma. But Kevin Smith’s only worthwhile film is Clerks. And the animated Clerks cartoon is worthwhile. Particularly episode five. It’s only ten bucks, so if I’m wrong it’s no big deal.

The episode of Otakugeneration where Bryce talks about the hentai dubbing panel. Well, it’s probably that episode.

Lupin the 3rd is a Ninja Consultant Approved Show.

theanimefanboy talks about playing Duck Duck Goose.

Alison’s L print that got licked.


Noah and I really hated X3.

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23 Responses to Show 22b – Anime Boston 2006 Part 2 – Con Stories

  1. pdelahanty says:

    I’m about to head to the office and haven’t listened to the episode yet. (I’ll do it there while I “work”.) …but I do know who Cthulu is. It’s a friend of mine. Cthulu was actually on AB staff and will be at PortConMaine as well. Dunno if the costume will be there, but probably.

    • Hee hee… Cthulu tells her story in this show. We assume many of our listeners are not geeky enough to know of Cthulu.

      • pdelahanty says:

        You talk about me for like 5 minutes! That’s…a little… EEEP! 😮

        So…yeah…random facts n’ tidbits n’ stuff:

        * There’s a link to your site on The Chibi Project now.
        * I did get an awesome NC T-shirt and wore it to work the Tuesday after the con. T-shirts are being printed as I type this…and you’ll get one. They say “CON WHORE”. 😉
        * Yes, I’m one of the founders. 🙂 I was elected chairman in 2005 and 2006. As I announced at Closing Ceremonies, I decided to step down since I need more free time for other projects (like additions to and that Chibi Project video podcast).
        * I’ve got some other stories I can share now. 😀
        * The official attendance number was 9,354. (Close enough to 10,000…and we’ve actually been in the top 10 since we started in 2003.)
        * If Anime Boston’s growth continues at its current rate, Anime Boston 2061 will be larger than the population of Earth. (You should probably book a hotel room now.)
        * I don’t have a wife…or a girlfriend. (Again, one of the reasons I’m retiring as chairman. I haven’t had time to go on a date in years…) The person you saw me watching Duck Duck Goose with was Svetlana Chmakova (), a convention guest and creator of Dramacon.
        * I don’t get the whole Duck Duck Goose thing…at all. People keep suggesting that we make it an official con event. Not. Gonna. Happen. (Dodgeball has been suggested too. Again, not gonna happen…and security would stop anyone that tried to start it. Throwing dodgeballs at people at a con is generally a bad idea.)
        * The Dead Dog Party ran for maybe 4 or 5 hours. (I forget exactly what time we headed out and when people started leaving.) We keep the location secret (only 3 people knew where it was) so that only the staff who help pack up will be told where it is after the packing is done. …otherwise nobody helps pack up the truck and just goes straight to the party.

        Your story of finding out that I was the chairman reminds me of when I visited a friend Sapporo at the end of April. She had apparently told a friend over there on separate occasions that she knew the guy who ran, the guy who did The Chibi Project, and the guy who ran Anime Boston. …and so when I visited, he just thought it was the webmaster of her webcomic that was visiting. Then he learned that it was all the same person. “Wait! You do The Chibi Project too? AND!”
        “Yes. Jekka actually just has one friend.”
        …I guess you had to be there.

        • Oooh, I forgot to reply to this.

          You’re only dating Svetlana in my RPS (real person slash) called “Dramaconnian!”

          Sorry to spread misinformation about you on the internets!

          • pdelahanty says:

            You’re only dating Svetlana in my RPS (real person slash) called “Dramaconnian!”

            Awesome! Lucky me! 😀

            Sorry to spread misinformation about you on the internets!

            S’okay. I just don’t want all the hot wimminz thinking that I’m taken. 😉

  2. arada says:

    Wow, you guys are awsome with a capital X. Yeah, I have no idea. Thanks for takeing me request thinger, sorry if you get more. Yeah. Drive safely, and have a nice day.

  3. Anonymous says:

    great show!

    really! best ever. we should start a fund to send you to more cons to podcast from.

  4. lvganguro says:


    Erin, what do I have to do (other than go to Otakon) to get a “NC” and “L” shirt? I hear you guys talk about your shirts on the podcast all the time but I havent seen your website, and have no Idea how to buy them.. Puh-lease help a ninjaconsultant fan out in the west! If i send $$ via paypal or something would that be enough to get you guys to hold one for me? Maybe I can send a messenger to Otakon to pick it up even

    On a side note.. you guys wanna come to Vegas in Sept? Im staff of a small con called “AnimeVegas”.. I could get you in contact with our chairperson?

  5. Yay good show, lots of very amusing stories. The L print licking was particularly amusing/horrifying. Though I think if I hadn’t been to a con before I still wouldn’t know what to expect based off of what’s been said so far. I think what definitely comes through is that there’re a lot of crazy people in costume (and crazy people in general), but not so much what they’re actually doing when they go there besides buy stuff. I think further elaboration as to the variety of things to see at a con would be a good idea for the non-con going listeners.

    Only thing I could think of after the “You should go to M.I.T.” comment was “yes…because it’s so easy to get into…”

  6. stevopants says:

    Do you know what I just Noticed? You cover up your eyes to hide your identities however most times when you see a ninja, they’re covered everywhere BUT their eyes!

    But honestly, if you actually SEE a real ninja, it’s probably too late for you, OR they’re probably a sucky ninja.

  7. Anonymous says:

    i’m glad you enjoyed the bishounen support corps, but as a member of it i’d prefer if you would remove or obscure our email address (e.g. bishounen-support-corps AT mit DOT edu) as we’ve begun getting spam from it. i’m asking others who have our email address publicly listed to take it down as well. thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      i don’t know if editing this entry will automatically update the copy of it at but if you could make sure one way or another that that also gets changed, we would appreciate it. thanks.

    • Geez, you’d think MIT of all schools could filter their spam. I’ve changed it, though. Sorry, I should’ve typed it better the first time. I get a buttload of spam for ninjaconsultant, but gmail catches most of it.

      • Anonymous says:

        thanks. yeah, mit’s spamscreen has been sucking excessively lately; apparently the parameters for spam scoring are only updated every couple of months, which is clearly not frequently enough to keep up with the ways spammers find to get around the filters. i’ve been thinking about filtering my mit mail through gmail if it continues sucking this much, but it would be a lot nicer if the people in charge of mit’s mail servers got off their asses and fixed the spam filtering system so that bayesian filtering actually worked.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Great podcast. I loved all the stories and it was fun hanging out with you guys afterwards. (X3 was horrible, I concur) So glad my Knee O’ Doom could provide entertainment. I now have a red scar thing that is taking months to go away.

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