Show #24 Listener Feedback – Some Escaflowne

Show #024 Direct Download:

…Opening quote: Ninja Consultants from the British Transformers dub.

Music: Opening: Yakusoku wa Iranai by Maaya Sakamoto (arranged by Yoko Kanno?) – a.k.a. the opening theme of Escaflowne. Middle: The Email Song remixed by me, the actual music being from Analog Lights, the Ninja Consultant music advisor/contributor, and with Audacity contributing the strange error. Ending music: Mystic Eyes by Hiroki Wada, the abysmally inappropriate end theme of Escaflowne.

Show Notes by Noah:

Our one-year podcasting anniversary is July 9, which is a Sunday
But we’re celebrating on Monday, July 10!
Come to Swift’s on E. 4th Street & Lafayette in NYC!
The Doctor Who Club will almost certainly be there too! Which is just as well, because we keep missing their meetings.
Even if you’re under 21, come anyway!

We’re updating our site!
Our Webmaster Jack is on Mangacast
We’re reformatting the show with segments, but we’re not going to Anime Expo!
(Thank you for offering your couches, tho’!)


GetBackers (or Gettersback as Noah likes to call it) We are largely ambivalent about.

We’re still watching BLEACH (or “Blech” as Noah often ‘accidentally’ types it, like just now). I think we’re up to episode 20 or so. For some reason, watching this show is like trying to drink meat gravy. ‘Nuff said.

Sgt. Frog Manga is a fine manga for kids!

So are:

Erin’s recommendations:
Cromartie Manga
Azumanga Daioh Manga
Iron Wok Jan

But not:

Noah’s Recommendations:
Lady Snowblood (maybe…)

Suggesting videopodcast??

Noah might like to, but Erin says probably not…

It’s illegal!
It’s time consuming!
It takes knowledge of video editing!
It might not be very funny!

We have friend who could do the video editing… sometimes.

Nerd Shinagami = awesome!!!

World of Warcraft Manga???


Noah, shamefully admits to reading Star Trek Novels
and was intimately familiar with the Photon franchise (it waslike Lasertag)

We don’t play WoW. It’s warcrack.

There was a novel and a collection of short stories based on the Warhammer 40k franchise that Noah read when he was 15 and thought was really good. Now he can’t find them and doesn’t
want to accidentally link to one that was written more recently and sucks.

Click here to learn about Miniatures wargaming
We didn’t read the Doom Novels, but they couldn’t have been any good.

Apparently there are novels for the game Halo as well. From what Noah understands, the game HALO has a pretty good plot, even if it is just a video game.

Paul (last name withheld): WHERE ARE YOU?! You’re not on the clustermap…

[technical difficulties]

The recording software we use, Audacity, had a stroke in the middle of Noah reading the mail. Erin decided to incorporate the botched sound bite into an amazing techno remix!

You can make your own techno song feature Noah by downloading the warped audio here!!!

Paul’s interrupted email question was:

I put this question to you — Escaflowne, fucking amazing, or merely awesome? Answer carefully.

Paul asks Why Noah doesn’t like Escaflowne:

a. Noses are too pointy
b. Screaming catgirl
c. Does not make sense (i.e. Isaac Newton living in a floating mountain controlling time)
d. “Fortunate blood”
e. Coolest character killed in the second episode.

Update: Paul has derided Noah’s dislike of Hitomi’s nose in an e-mail, claiming that if pointy noses bother him so much, he couldn’t possibly have liked Macross Plus, which is nonsense, because Macross Plus is one of Noah’s favoritest things ever.
Consider, then, which nose is pointier. Noah thinks the answer is clear.

Myung, Macross PlusHitomi, Escaflowne

Just look at that schnozz!

Noah doesn’t like Ouran High School Host Club

Noah was hoping to annotate Daryl’s LJ comment with links to explain all the references, but has finally given up because he just doesn’t recognize enough of them himself. Homer nods.

Rocky Horror is a rite of passage for adolescent geeks, a role which is now being taken up by doujinshi and slash fiction — we’ve covered this before!

Welcome to the NHK, manga about the REAL Otaku lifestyle.

Anime News Network does blogs by their authors.

Zac’s entry on Anime Expo

Apollo vs. Bacchus, the immortal struggle.

Hippies as Proto-Otaku?

Are anime fans apolitical?

Is Anime PORN?????

Canadian news item

Who the hell is Bill Postmus?

Thank you, Mediablasters for all that porn.

Sailor Moon is not Urotsukidoji III: The Nazi Death Rape Machine (note: upon further research, Noah actually means, Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon Womb. It’s not actually entitled “The Nazi Death-Rape Machine,” but that does not prevent it from featuring said machine.)

What is porn?

On the show Noah attributes the quote “Pornography is whatever gives a Supreme Court Justice an erection!” to Hustler publisher Larry Flynt. On reflection, the real quote is “obscenity is whatever gives the judge an erection,” and while it is sometimes attributed to Larry Flynt, the actual author is apparently unknown.

Moe on wikipedia

And just to be clear, Kokoro Library is porn.


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29 Responses to Show #24 Listener Feedback – Some Escaflowne

  1. stevopants says:

    An open letter to Daryl, Gonzo Journalist.

    “Plates smash on a checkered floor . . . Let the midget go”?
    I bet that would make a great video.

    AH-HA! Caught you! Do you claim those thoughts as your own!

    How soon we forget the short run Canadian Sketch comedy show “The Vacant Lot”! The thing about obscure refferences is that there will always be someone out there who’s just as obscure, if not more so! Granted, it took me actually hearing this read out loud to catch it, but I did! I DID!!!!! I’ll be watching, waiting and listening.

    Analog Lights

    PS Nice remix! Keep it! Rock!

  2. Anonymous says:


    Rather, the opposite is true: the thoughts contained within said message were NOT claimed to be my own, but rather a portion of the many things harvested from the thoughtbird. The thoughtbird, as everyone knows, is a creature discovered by an esteemed colleague of mine which not only flies at the speed of thought, but also steals thoughts from your mind.

    Fearing that he’d go public with his discoveries, the vested thought peddlers saw to it that he was shot by a clown pistol while at the Japanese Animation Convention, as chronicled in my Anime World Order audio report.

  3. Anonymous says:

    After listening to Daniel’s emails which you read on the show, I died of some horrible disease or something. How could you not know that his questions were too bad to be read on a podcast? Sigh.

    • arada says:

      I understand if you did not like or, want to hear his questions and comments, but flameing him will not make it better. That will lead to noob fighting. Daniel may have put out his questions in a noob like manner, sorry Dan, but you sir or madem act even more like a noobs when sayingt somthing like that. If you honestly hated his questions so much you should make YOUR OWN live journal and rant about it. I doubt it, and I may be wrong, but I don’t think Erin and Noah really want to see flames here. But hey, I may be wrong. I would also like to say that I even asked if my questions were bad. I didn’t know, they might have been. I t usally works that way. Besides, if I asked you “Do you like pink ponies?” or anyone to that matter, they might respond with, “Your retarted and belong in a bottomless pit,” or “Why?” or “Yes I do.” or “Do you like piink ponies?” or my personal favorite, “I think that pink ponise are ________ and here are the short and simple reasons that I think they are that. Don’t worry this will only last about two minutes of your life.” I was going to ask you if you like pink ponies, but now I really dont give a shit. You want to go flame peopl go ahead, but theres a big chance they’ll bite your head off.

      Wishing you were dead,

    • Well, you’re quite an anonymous jerk, aren’t you?

      Daniel is just some nice 7th grader. He wrote to us many times and asked for a reply on the show, so we (finally) gave him one. If you want to hear better emails read on the show, you can write in yourself and demand that we respond.

      • arada says:

        Oh wait, nevermind. I really need to read the intire post carfully before posting back don’t I? Now I just hope Mc Jerkfacesmitzlhimer, thats pernunced, Mic Jerk Face Smits il hiim er, friends do not come knocking at my door with a large linch mob. That would really suck. Cause I’m not home and my parents would have to deal with it. Then, if they live, they would yell at me for about three years.

        BTW, I’m really sorry about those voice messeges I left you. I feel like a retard, thats not on something. Meaning, I’m aware of my actions. Man I hate being aware of my actions. It’s werid. And yeah.


  4. Slow down there, tigers

    This is Noah, and sometimes I like to comment on the LJ.

    Mr. Anonymous up there is merely referring to the fact that young Daniel himself expressed fear that we were not reading his e-mails on-air because they were bad enough to cause spontaneous development of a deadly flesh-eating virus in those listening. The commenter above is running with this amusing premise by suggesting that, in fact, he has contracted said deadly disease, died, and is now lamenting postmortem our poor judgment in overlooking Daniel’s own self-effacing — albeit accurate — appraisal of his e-mails.

    It is exactly this lack of ability to determine the tone of an intarwub correspondent than has spawned countless flame wars, and forced me to grudgingly admit the need for loathsome “emoticons” in certain instances.

    So fear not, anonymous listener, we are with you. Belatedly, perhaps, but with you.


    • arada says:

      Re: Slow down there, tigers

      Wouldn’t it be tiger? And who was that wink for?

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: Slow down there, tigers

      You are exactly right, Noah. I didn’t _really_ think that Dan’s question was dumb. I was just amiably poking fun at his anxiety, b/c we all feel that from time to time. Keep asking questions, Dan!

  5. pts says:

    Another flaw in your argument: if screaming catgirls and their ilk bother you that much, how can you stand to watch anime?

    That said, the above statement should under no circumstances be construed as a concession that Meruru’s enthusiasm was at all irritating or inappropriate.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cat girls

      From Keith@Teleport City:

      I watch a decent amount of anime, and except for the cat girl headband episode of Genshiken , I have managed to avoid shrieking cat girls.

      I would, however, watch a screaming cat girl-Fist of the North Star cross-over.

  6. Anonymous says:

    (Daryl Surat)

    That faceless man with the single, enlarged eye…: from the Livejournal of one of my esteemed colleagues “martini_gendo” which refers to grand events of the previous year. I was not present for all of these events, so some of that post is undecipherable to me, but Reinhardt Streiber was the name he would refer to himself as when attending anime conventions dressed in a Nazi SS uniform. Despite having nothing to do with anime, people at anime cons LOVE Nazis.

    The Cheese Party Suicide Circle: the Cheese Party was an amateur film made by some friends of mine in which various powerful individuals gathered together to eat cheese and play solitary games of Russian Roulette. Suicide Circle is of course that really hokey Japanese movie which also happens to adequately describe the cheese party. I may show this at a panel someday, but it’s nearly ten minutes long and I really just described the whole thing.

    Broken Phantom / Protect Wall: technique names from King of Braves GaoGaiGar.

    Glico: Glico is a shortening of “glycogen” and is the company that makes pocky. Tetsujin 28 ended its theme song with “Glico” repeated thrice because they were the sponsor of the show. The recent remake–which is excellent–omits this final verse.

    Backpack containing a frying pan…: a reference to Battle Royale, which requires no explanation since, as Patrick Macias put it, the current anime fandom went straight from Pokemon to Battle Royale.

    Hikari ni Nare mallet: another GaoGaiGar reference, “Hikari ni Nare” is the phrase screamed by Gai before he hits the bad guys with his Goldion Hammer, which is designed to look like one of those squeaky toy plastic mallets as seen in Battle Royale.

    Buster Sword: Cloud’s weapon from Final Fantasy 7. Very common large obnoxious hall-blocking prop seen carried around at anime cons.

    Only the Ring Finger Knows: name of a yaoi manga.

    The collected letters of the Smith-in-Exile: reference to the Thief trilogy of PC games. See and for additional information that will also explain the references made in AWO Show # 20.

    Ultimate Eye: reference to Fullmetal Alchemist. In the Thief games, there is also an evil artifact known as The Eye which is critical to the plot; the Smith-in-Exile became that as a result of actions taken regarding The Eye.

    The sun, long a source of amusement…: from the opening narration to Corn Dog 7, now downloadable from the Corn Pone Flicks website at

    Stevie B: the name that Steve Bennett is to be referred to as from now on.

    Moe burger: I defer to Patrick Macias on this matter.

    Brethren and betrayer among the Keepers: another Thief reference.

    Accelerating entropy so that they may be unmade: reference to the PC game Planescape: Torment, in which a golem named Coaxmetal manufactures weapons for the sake of entropy. Taking actions for the sake of entropy is a passive ability of Daryl Surat’s, and the quote “METAL IS LIKE FLESH. BOTH CARRY POTENTIAL IN THEIR VEINS. WHEN TEMPERED WITH HEAT AND PRESSURE, THE POTENTIAL SURFACES” mirrors that of the Mechanist ideology from the Thief PC games.

    Stock shots of Vietnam…: song lyrics from the “This Song’s Gonna Make a Great Video” sketch from The Vacant Lot. The verse “supermodels pillow fight, in lingerie that’s much too tight” was removed because saying that would just be nonsensical.

    Misa Misa: a [lame] character in Death Note, which is a book for which if you write someone’s name in it, they die.

    “Pen my name in the dead book”: a Planescape: Torment reference. The Dustmen faction maintain a log of all the deceased in the city, and thus the denizens use the phrase as slang for killing someone.

    “Dusties”: derogatory slang for the Dustmen.

    You can’t kill me. “私は死んでいる旒に.” : The Japanese is actually “I am already dead” per Babelfish, and not Kenshiro’s trademark phrase “you are already dead” which Babelfish lists as being “死んでいる旒に” even though that’s not quite it. Remarking that one cannot be killed by virtue of having already died has been done quite often, a recent example being the Punisher movie starring Thomas Jane.

  7. wheee! 1 year!

    Happy Anniversary.
    The new site looks great.
    I vote for video podcast with face obscuring ninja headbands for ninjatastic anonymity.

    Those pointy noses are a killer.

  8. arada says:


    I can;t belive I’ve been lisening to your show for almost a year, ( I started late), you guys better keep it up or fith graders will glomp you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    great new look.

    just wanted to say that i love the new look of the website. keep up the great work.

  10. arada says:


    SOrry for all those voice mails I sent you guys. It was suposed to be one, but my phone was being spazzy.

    • Re: Sorry

      Arada, you’ve sent us enough voicemail to make up an entire episode already. I might mix them into a techno song.

      • arada says:

        Re: Sorry

        Don’t joke like that. -__- I feel like an idiot already. I would rather you just play the “Bus Ride.” ones if any. I had to call you two in a bus bathroom to apologize. A BUS BATHROOM! It smellls really bad in those things! But yeah. It really wa goingt o be ssomting like, “Hi Erin and Noah, I’d like to with you a happy first year aniversary. You’ll bve getting some fan art from me in a few days, sorry I’m wishing you a late one.” or somting like that. Not, “Me: Hi Erin and Noah it’s Arada, I’d like to with you a happy first year aniversary. Freind:For what? Me: SHUT UP!” or. “Me: Hi Erin and Noah it’s Arada, I’d like to with you a happy………… Freinds: I’d do anything, for one kiss anything… Me: Uhh……..I’m sorry my friends are singing Oliver right now but anyway I”d like to….(insert word vomit here.)”. I was suposed to be the first one but my phone would let me rerecord it! I’m not even goingt o try to rember the bathroom one. Gah. Damn friends and there evilness.


  11. jyuufish says:

    Late comment is late.

    But it’s alright, I watched a few episodes of Escaflowne and just couldn’t get over the noses either. Normally I am not superficial about what I watch.. and usually art doesn’t really matter to me (along the same lines as Noah) *but* those noses, you just couldn’t look away. Five episodes in and I was like, ‘what is this series about again?’. Those noses clearly robbed me of 2 hours and a half of my life that I’m not exactly sure where I went. Maybe I was abducted by the escaflowne nose aliens :cues x-files music here:

    Still really enjoying the show you guys. I’ve added “High School Girls” to my ‘to be watched’ list.

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