Show #25 Battle Angel Alita OVA

Show #25 Battle Angel Alita OVA

Show #025 Direct Download:

Opening Music: Ninja by 7 Seconds of Love found at Please support their awesomeness by buying a T-shirt and be sure to check out their classic videos, like the viking kittens and spoonguaaaaaaard.
Ending Music: “The Ballad of Elves and Zombies” by our friends the Christian Pirate Puppets

“New Business”: The Anime World Order (AWO) extra segment where they respond to GeekNight‘s voicemail to them.

Here’s what I said on a forum once about cosplay:

I really like walking through a con and seeing someone dressed as a character from some obscure series that I enjoy. It’s this kind of recognition – someone else also loves that character! If they weren’t dressed up, I wouldn’t know that about a stranger. Just wearing a T-shirt of the show they like doesn’t really make the same heartfelt impression.

I think non-cosplayers take a lot more away from a con than just a picture of a cosplayer – seeing so many people dressed up – many of them from some of your favorite shows – adds to an ambiance of reassurance that you’re not the only freak out there who loves anime. Everyone at the con can take something away from the gobs of cosplayers. For some people it really is about being the greatest Naruto ever, but for many, cosplay is a great way to meet knew people.

No riffraff at World Fantasy Con!

Email segment! Yes, Noah and I are a couple. But no, we don’t plan on having a load of kids anytime soon. Erin reveals that she’d rather go to Japan this year than rush into marriage with Noah after only dating him for five years!

OMG Why Haven’t You Seen This Yet:

Battle Angel – the $1 dubbed VHS tape from RightStuf
Battle Angel Alita anime entries on ANN, AniDB, AnimeNfo.
The original manga is being reprinted and is widely available.
I reviewed the Battle Angel Alita Last Order manga in an old Manga Recon column. It is also widely available.

The Doctor Ido cosplayer at Anime Expo 2005:

Here are some other Dr. Ido cosplayers: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

My Life in Fandom: Noah tells a tale about a Star Trek con where he was young and broke, and a waitress tried to hit on him, even though he was 14.

Here’s Arada’s concept art of Noah looking hot while I freak out about his potential fangirls:

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30 Responses to Show #25 Battle Angel Alita OVA

  1. I’ve seen the dub of Battle Angel Alita and it’s actually not too bad. Definitely worth a dollar.

    When I saw it I was wondering if there was more. Now I know. It’s like Dragon Half–just enough goodness to get you exceited and then…nothing.

    • You can read the Battle Angel Alita manga to see how the story keeps going… it’s pretty awesome, except every other volume wherein the author flips out and writes bullshit about motorball.

      • I read the manga first, so it was more that I was hoping to see the animated intepretation some more. Alas.

        Now that I think of it, Battle Angel Alita might have been the first manga I ever read. Someone in SciFi club had all the issues and lent them out to me one by one.

        On your anime don’t see list put Xenosaga the Anime. I watched a bunch of it on YouTube and boy was it sucktastic. The animation is horrific and the plot is taken straight from the game with some of the elements that add depth of feeling in the game taken out. I don’t know whose crackheaded idea it was. The only reason to see it is if you are such an intense Xenosaga fan that you’ve started reading fanfic and you’ve read all the good fanfic and have started reading the really bad fanfic. If you go from the reallyb ad fanfic to Xenosaga the Anime you might be tricked into thinking it’s OK, kind of like when you drink some water after eating bitter mellon and the water seems sweet.

      • pts says:

        Man, first trashing Esca, and now this? The Motorball arc was great. 0 for 2, Noah, if that’s your real name.

        I must admit, though, that it was not the tour de freakin’ fantastic that the Yugo arc was.

        PS 40 minutes is 10 too long.

        • Paul, if you like Motorball, you’re off your rocker. Your taste was already in question, and now this? (Besides if you like our show… yeesh!)

          Anyhow, the last show I sped up by 10% in Audacity and pitched it down. This week I didn’t really feel like going through the whole thing again after adjusting the volume and editing and jive. Besides, the song at the end is like 5 minutes long, so it doesn’t count.

          I just discovered that Quicktime can play files up to 3x faster without having to alter the file (like Audacity)! So you can do that on your own. Meanwhile we’re still shorter than every other anime podcast I know besides Weekly Anime Review.

          • pts says:

            C’mon, Motorball! I dunno, I just thought it was cool. But the Alita manga was pure eye candy to me, so it almost didn’t matter what it was about. And it is not my taste that is in question, comrade; it is yours. (The italics mean I’m right.)

            Good call speeding it up; I didn’t know I could do it more myself, though. Cool. I guess I’m splitting hairs complaining about the length, but if I didn’t rag on you guys, who would?


        • Anonymous says:

          Increase Audacity levels

          (Keith@Teleport City)

          “I sped up by 10% in Audacity”

          When I first read this, I thought you were saying you used computer software to add 10% more audacity to the show than you normally had. I thought, “What a wonderful option. I wonder if you can increase things like outrage level or irony balance as well!” Then I realized the truth, and it wasn’t quite as much fun.

          • Re: Increase Audacity levels

            Sometimes I try to balance out the “Obnoxiousness” level with a filter, but it doesn’t always work.

          • pts says:

            Re: Increase Audacity levels

            I heard there’s a VST plugin that lets you adjust overall snark and offensiveness levels. Very expensive, of course — you have to be pretty big in radio to afford it, like Ann Coulter or Howard Stern or something.

          • Re: Increase Audacity levels

            Or indeed, as rich as Alan Chase.

            Anyway I’m sure the VST plugin is not for Macs, which naturally emit a snarkiness level that is absorbed by their users. (Including me.)

  2. arada says:


    I can’t stop laughing at that picture. Maybe becuse it’s funny. Or maybe becuse it’s so far from the truth that even Lucifer would have to agree. But I think mostly becuse it’s sorta funny. Sorta. I think I’m going to make the WTF bubble into an icon. But I doubt it. Did you gget your drawing Erin?

    • Re: LMAO

      I dunno, if Noah was 14 (before the beard grew in) and he wore a hat, it might not be too far off. He used to be super-thin (like 100 pounds). He has no nose in the drawing, which is sort of accurate. Noah has a very sharp and pointy nose, not unlike an actual anime character.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: LMAO

        (Keith@teleport City)

        Just to add a whole new layer of nerdiness to this…

        This drawing reminds me of a bit in “Trekkies” where Brent Spiner and Denise Crosby are reviewing fan art, much of which involves the two of them in a loving embrace of passion from that one episode where everyone inhales the horny spores or whatever it was that got people going. One drawing has Brent/Data shirtless and rippling with muscles and mighty abs, and Brent Spiner says something to the effect of, “What strikes me most is how close this drawing is to my actual physique.”

  3. cchan5000 says:

    Hooray for Battle Angel. It is one of my long time favorites so it is good to hear some love for it.

    If you don’t mind, here are a few notes about it…It does take place far in the future in the US. For example, Tiphares/Salem/Scrapyard is supposedly Kansas City. The wikipedia article actually has some good info about that, but that is pretty much the only worthwhile info to be found there. If people want to know more, there are a few fan sites out there with breakdowns of all the crazy culture and religion references as well as the nanotech goodness.

    Also, there was a DVD release for it, but for some reason ADV stopped pressing it a few years ago. (In 2002?) I don’t know why, but I’m glad I got it when I did. Amazon has a few listed in the used section…for $65-$125. Ouch. I guess there is the HK rip of the US release for less if you so desire.

    I will second the dub being worth a dollar. It was one of the first dubs that I saw that didn’t make my ears bleed. Amanda Winn Lee did the voice for Gally and she apparently had a cold while recording so her voice is a little deeper and raspier than normal and it fits the character nicely.

    OK. I’m going to stop geeking out now and quit commenting before I make a complete fool of myself. Doh, too late!

    • W00t! This is actually useful information – I wasn’t sure that there was ever a DVD pressing, and my 5 minutes of research during the recording only turned up HK discs!

      I didn’t even read the wikipedia page… which I always ought to before going on about something. Yeesh.

      Eventually I found some torrents of Battle Angel, although they weren’t being seeded.

  4. stevopants says:

    In Defense of Erin’s Dad . . .

    C’mon! The guy’s been nothing but civil to me, and he’s always been good for a laugh!

    Case In Point:
    After all of us watching ‘Dazed & Confused’, he was heard to say “Well what the hell was that? I Lived the damn 70’s, what the hell did I need to see that for?” Walks off, muttering.


    • My dad’s review of Big Fish was particularily awesome:

      > Moral of the Big Fish? Good question. The father was a flapper. Liked to
      > hear the sound of his voice. He was entranced with his own imagination.
      > Was a real social person. Thats nice.
      > I ate way too much popcorn at that movie. Sign of a boring movie. I got
      > the point after the first story.

      My dad should have a movie review blog. He sees a movie a week.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dad reviews

        (Keith@Teleport City)

        If I had money, I’d employ your dad to write movie reviews along with my old roommate’s dad for food reviews (his review of the food he ate on his recent trip to Italy: “They could learn a thing or two from the Olive Garden”).

        My grandfather rates all movies based on their relative worth as measured against “Lone Wolf McQuade” starring Chuck Norris and David Carradine.

        There used to be (probably still is) a site that reviewed movies by reducing them all down to a single line plot synopsis.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What About…

    Filking furries?

    And curse you, Ninja Consultants. After years of diligent meditation and pain, I had finally banished the knowledge of filking from my mind. Now it is back, playing a lute and making me want to punch an elf. Thank you for undoing years of hard work.

    • Re: What About…

      So are you talking about the song at the end of the show or our anti-furry remarks early on in this episode?

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: What About…

        Both. Now I can’t help but think about furries who filk (I know they must exist), and I weep for the fall of civilization.

        Our only hope is that filkin’ furries get into a war with those people who go to Civil War reinactments dressed as Star Trek characters, then role play that they are Starfleet personnel who have traveled back in time.

        Fandom truly is awesome.


  6. Anonymous says:


    yo! your site is looking good. i just found the other podcasts weird graph things. cool… it makes it easy to pick stuff i like (NC) and scorn stuff i don’t (OG).
    also they remind me of those strange psych tests from school.

  7. ok i’m trying to comment so hard i’m new to livejournal but i can’t email u guys cause its failing!!

    AHHHHHHHH ok finally I pray this is gonna actually reach you…anyways I’m Logan..I love your podcast like you guys are amazing (your not gods though lol) anyways your awesome and your right about everything like every show you guys have ever said is good I’ve loved them…and ones you’ve said you didn’t like…i didn’t like so yeah tell me what anime’s you like cause apparently we have the same tastes in anime…but there is one thing whats up with Akira I don’t understand it I hated that movie but everyone says its great I just don’t get it…anyways would love a mention on your podcast but I’m sure everyone asks that but hey thats it I’ll comment you guys later on…oh yeah whats some good anime cons coming arround the Nashville area cause there are none that I can find.

  8. tomiini says:

    Хороший пост, но много лишнего.

  9. gertaaca says:

    Качественный блог

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