Show #27 Live from Otakon 2006

Show #027 Direct Download:

Music in this episode: “Time is Running Out” by Muse. “Yatta” by Green Leaves, “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi, who is weirdly not dead yet, and “Cell Block Tango” from the musical Chicago.

The Muse and Bon Jovi are brought on by two AMVs from the contest that were pretty good. Yatta is included because of some guy in Artist’s Alley performing the yatta dance. Also be sure to check out the lyrics translation in this AMV.

Soar is from the Randomization Podcast:

Weekly Anime Review (on hiatus, but sometimes new episodes anyway)

I start right off the bat comparing Otakon to AX. Answerman did the same this week in his column.

Guy dressed as Harlock every year since 2003:

New Harlock I saw this year! (After this recording.)

Soar talks about the FMA movie, which is getting a theatrical release later this year.

Noah’s assertion that the filler will end on episode 225 is a 4chan rumor that should be disregarded (not that Noah hangs out at 4Chan… necessarily). Noah and I are on episode 179.


Amychan visited Dan Kim of the Manga Clone Army webcomic, Nana’s Everyday Life

Snapes on a Plane

Anime World Order

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19 Responses to Show #27 Live from Otakon 2006

  1. pdelahanty says:

    If you have a photo of yourself in the CON WHORE T-shirt, I’ll add it to the “Action Shots” in the Store. 🙂

    BTW: Thanks for the plug. \o/

  2. Anonymous says:

    ANN claims fillers end at episode 200

    Wouldn’t that be something 🙂

  3. stevopants says:

    That ” . . . they stay the same age” quote is from DAZED & CONFUSED and Not Family Guy. Fuck Family Guy.

  4. stevopants says:

    That look you give that says “Don’t Talk To Me” can be considdered ‘hot’ if you’re a young lad and you’re hanging out with friends of your cousin.
    Once you get older, you realize this face as what it was intended.

    That’s when the shame and self loathing hits you like a 15 year old Casio keyboard.

  5. pts says:

    I guess you mean “Parthian Shot?”

  6. arada says:


    Wow. Yeah. do you had those bus voicemails that I did? Cause if you do I want them, for a million and one reasons. I feel so left out! soa was even there. Soar! And he’s younder then me. T_T. Well that’s what I get for going to camp.

  7. Dude, that Undefeatable clip is the most amazing fight scene in the history of fight choreography. How on earth could Cynthia Rothrock do that sort of thing after being in some of the best Hong Kong kung fu films their time period? My mouth was on the floor.

  8. pdelahanty says:

    Okay, that Randomization Podcast promo? They say, “If you like 6th graders…” I’m not sure that’s the demographic they want to attract. ^_^;

  9. Anonymous says:

    still having problems

    im still not able to get the downlaod from my podcatcher or from my RSS feed. This has been a problem for the last 2 episodes. Not sure if im the only one though. just letting you know.

    • Re: still having problems

      You’re not the only one! Which podcatcher are you using? Two people using Juice were having a problem.

      Our feed changed to but I’ve heard there might be other compatibility issues and such between Mac and PC or something? Let me know exactly what you’re using so I can get to the bottom of this.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: still having problems

        yep im useing juice as well. i had this problem with aime pulse’s podcast for a short while but after a few episodes seemed to work again. But its not just that, It’s my RSS feed thats having the problem as well. I usualy use Opera when im online and use the RSS reader thats built into it so i know when new episodes are out and haven’t had any updates on the for the last 2 shows. Hope that helps you at all. Its not a big problem i just tend to forget to download the show.

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