Ninja Consultant Podcast Show #003 Part A

Show #003, Part A Direct Download:


Rules for a not bad AMV:

1. Varied scene selection
2. Consistently good source quality
3. Non-subtitled source material (unless it is intentionally subtitled)
4. Delicious, delicious sake

Ninja Cracker

Voices – Yokko Kanno Macross Plus

Crawling – Linkin Park

Angel Links

Magic Knights Rayearth

Witch Humper Robin

Sailor Moon

Future Girls lyrics

Dancing Vash, Trigun

Aluminum Studios – I’m Blue

Additional rules for a not bad AMV:

1. Watch out for lip flaps!
2. Context?
3. Spoilers?
4. Thematic comparisons?

Is Rayearth based on a video game?

Giant Robo

Final Fantasy?

Anime Expo

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4 Responses to Ninja Consultant Podcast Show #003 Part A

  1. ecmyers says:

    Can’t wait to check it out! Are you guys giving a “live” podcast from Otakon? You have to! Interview some fanboys or something.

  2. Hey, if you guys are looking for more AMV’s to review, I’d like to suggest my friend ‘s s-CRY-ed videos. She’s done two humor ones and one serious, and all are excellent, IMHO.

    For some reason, isn’t showing all of them on her profile, so here are the individual links:

    Descent – This is the serious one… some scenes repeat a bit, but it works very well for the theme and tone of the video. Very good for a first attempt.

    Fling Your Partner – Set to an old Bugs Bunny song, this one had me about falling out of my chair with laughter.

    Scryed – Episode I – An AMV to Weird Al’s “The Saga Begins”? Bring it on! XD

    One of these days I’ll get an amv done myself. *sigh* Too many ideas, too little talent and time.

    Good show again, y’all. Can’t wait for the second half.


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