Show #38 – New York Comic Con, Days 2 and 3

Show #038 Direct Download:
OP: “Rose” by ANNA, inspired by the Black Stones (from Nana)
ED: Theme from the movie “Ninja in the Dragon’s Den” as introduced to us by Keith

In this show we talk with Patrick D from the Chibi Project and about the American Anime Awards. There’s 15 minutes or so from the outstanding Venture Brothers panel (it’s only $22 for the first season for chrissakes, if you’re over 14 buy it and pre-order season two) and then we talk with ichaparadisefan about their group’s book, Combination Platter.

If you want more New York Comic Con panel goodness you should check out the Mangacast, specifically:

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5 Responses to Show #38 – New York Comic Con, Days 2 and 3

  1. dil_masaniya says:

    Noah on the shonen journey

    When the guy at the beginning said Noah is eloquent, but that he doesn’t always agree with what Noah has to say, I agreed immediately. Then he said an example was Noah’s discussion of the shonen myth. That was one of the best comments that Noah has ever made! It was well expressed, but it also made an excellent point. I never thought about those shows in that way before, and it really got me thinking. In fact, I think Noah should do more deep criticism like that. :big thumbs up:

    I also liked the graphs that your friend (whose name I forgot) made of the narrative of different stories, to compare the pacing. She’s smart.

    Note: I’m not dissing Erin by not mentioning her, she makes great comments too. I was really just responding to the shonen narrative comment, because I thought that was a particularly good discussion.

    • Re: Noah on the shonen journey

      Glad you like the show! We have more interesting things to say in upcoming shows about what we learned at the Takarazuka theater and the nature of Japanese narrative.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Venture Brothers

    I enjoyed your recording of the Venture Brothers panel. It was quite funny to hear this 12 year old commenting on the show. XD


  3. Anonymous says:

    what is it with girls fighting?


    What is it with girls fighting?



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