Show #39 – Our Trip to Japan Supershow part 1

Show #039 Direct Download:

OP and ED From the “Trinity Cheers Mix” by Asakusa Jinta the “Hard Marching Band” who are touring the US right now!! They’re awesome – and touring to Philly, LA, Seattle and San Francisco with other bands like “HY” which some people seem to like.

Break Music: George Washington song from this short animation by Brad Neely. If Neely reads this he should hang out with us. I heard he lives in Williamsburg.

If this file is too large for your computer/modem, go to this directory and download the file called “Ninja_Consultant_Show_039LQ.mp3” instead. Then you can import it into iTunes by going to “File —> Add to library”.

If 90 minutes is too long a show to listen to I recommend listening in Quicktime, and hitting Command K, which brings up little sliders and things to double the speed.

Check this spot later for some show notes and pictures and stuff. Meanwhile, please email us with links proving that we’re wrong about stuff, and voicemail us pronunciation corrections by calling 206-203-ERIN.

We say a lot of things in this show that are lies… lies like, “We’re only doing two shows about Japan.” and “This is episode 37.” This is part 1 of a 2-part long “practical” show about our trip. The “theoretical” show has not yet been recorded, but chances are, we’re looking at having four shows about the trip to Japan, depending on how long Noah can wax elaborate on Takarazuka style.

This show has like, some promos for the following other rad shows:

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30 Responses to Show #39 – Our Trip to Japan Supershow part 1

  1. Great show with lots of fun and cute stories. I like how the two separate families made the comments about living like rabbits.

    I’ll have to listen to it again later because I missed some parts because I was working and other parts because of when Noah trascended TIME SPACE AND STEREO!!!! At the end I had to open in Quicktime and center the left and right channels because it was getting distracting.

    Other than that it was a good show. I don’t have a problem with long podcasts because it helps the commute or work day go by faster.

    • Oh shit, the stereo breaks at the end? Like are the channels mis-aligned?

      I had tons of problems with this file. Tons!

      • It sounds like Noah was going between microphones because sometimes he’d be on the right channel and other times with you on the left. Maybe in the editing things got mixed up weird. Listening to it with the audio centered the editing is fine, just the audio quality between the two of you varies.

        • I tried hard to put out a mono mix, goddamn audacity.

          Anyway, here’s what happened – the last 20-30 minutes of the show died in an audacity crash, and I had to paste the files back in from their little .au files. That only sort of worked, audacity seemed to like my re-build of the right channel, but not the left channel, which Noah was recorded on, and the file began replacing Noah’s left channel with earlier parts of the recording.

          So I totally lost 20-30 minutes of left channel recording. I tried to re-make a fake stereo mix by boosting Noah’s levels and lowering my levels, but uh… sounds like Noah’s in a tin can. Oh well. There’s a good 10 minute portion of the end of the show that totally disappeared as well.

  2. dil_masaniya says:


    I’m really glad that you mentioned Tampopo. It is one of my favorite comedies, but it seems not many people know about it.

    BTW, I didn’t think the show was too long; I listened to it while at the laundromat. I kept laughing about various anecdotes (especially the giant mochi), which drew disapproving glances from the other patrons.

  3. Anonymous says:


    Great show! I really loved hearing about your travels in Japan and can’t wait for the next one. While this was a long then normal episode, I did not mind one bit. Sounds like Noah had it rough with getting sick.

    Sorry about your Audacity trouble. If you were using a Windows machine I’d hook you up with what I use for recording my podcast.


  4. pts says:

    Advice: Try Garageband for recording. It has worked very well for me, both musically and in my retarded, abortive podcast attempt.

    Also: Tread lightly when you speak of Takarazuka, for it is one of my favoritest things ever in the whole damn universe.

    • Oh, fear not. Noah and I really enjoyed the Takarazuka performance we saw and Noah has lots to say about it. We learned something really important about narrative and Noah knows a thing or two about live theater and I bought some merch.

      Although having read your entries, I would like to point out that the audience of the show we saw was at least 30% male, and not as old as we expected at all. It was hard to tell from the balcony if the actresses were hot or not, although in generally Noah never says things like “That girl was hot.” (He might say something if the girl was naked – as in – “That girl was naked!”)

      Garageband ran really slowly and created super-big file when I tried it before, but nowadays I have more RAM. Audacity’s beta had cool features that didn’t work, but I used the old one without problems for shorter recordings for over a year.

      • pts says:

        Interesting. I wonder if the Takarazuka demographic is shifting, or if the female fans just happened to drag their boyfriends/husbands along more that day.

        What play did you see?

      • pts says:

        Oh also, regarding Garageband, when you export to iTunes it exports a lossless AIFF file, which, yeah, is huge. What you have to then do is convert that to MP3 within iTunes.

        GB runs just fine on my machine, a 1.5 Ghz P’book G4 w/ 1.5 Gigs of RAM. I’ve only had problems when I have lots and lots of software instruments (say, more than 8) with effects running on some or all of them — not an issue you’re going to have with a podcast.

  5. naniwa says:

    I’d say about 89% of Comiket is porn… But I will preface that by noting that “porn” is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe that’s going to be discussed in the theory episode.

    Those train station CDrom I bought were definitely MOE!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fun Trips

    Glad y’all had fun. This episode was a blast to listen to. Now I feel like I need to go home and organize all my photos from Japan and scan them in.

    I have never met ANYONE who has seen those used panty vending machines. Even the drunken Aussie surfer who worked at a bar in Roppongi never saw one. I think they are an urban myth. We did see a condom vending machine and porno movie/mag vending machine near our place in Asakusa, but the fronts of the machines were mirrored so you could only see in them at night. I bought whiskey out of the vending machine in Kyoto, just because I could. Some ol’ hobo granny was standing in front of me doing the same thing. I felt in good company.

    And to clear up confusion — Audrey is the woman. Benten is her record label. It releases music by all (or mostly) girl punk and experimental bands from Japan, Korea, and China. And weirdly enough, she was just here last week with some bands for SXSW and a US tour.

    Now you need to come over, drink my hobo granny wine, and we’ll watch Fist of the North Star.

    –Keith, Teleport City

  7. kylandra says:

    Sounds like a really great trip. Hopefully I’ll be able to get there one day.

    Anyway, the number of one day fan events dedicated to specific shows, pairings or characters is pretty horrifying. I’ve been adding Haruhi Suzumiya doujins into the Doujin Database Project, and that series alone has a good number of events for it, even entire ones dedicated to side characters with almost no actual screen time.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Don Quiote!!!!

    Hey we have 4 here on Oahu. They were called Daie before and Holiday Mart before that. The Don Quiotes over here are jungle themed. Have you guys ever visited Honolulu or ever plan too? I think you’ll dig it from the sounds of it. It’s a very eastern culture here, but we all speak english. And we still have to get or Anime just like everyone else in America, either wait for it or bittorrent. We do have the funimation channel though.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll keep listening!!!

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