Show #40 – Our Trip to Japan Supershow part 2

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OP: From the “Trinity Cheers Mix” by Asakusa Jinta the “Hard Marching Band”

ED: Takarazuka version of “Luck be a Lady”

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  • The Maid’s Note
  • The Sky Bar link
  • Yunssen
  • Recommended Book: The Rough Guide to Japan
  • Crepe Stand
  • A Monkey
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13 Responses to Show #40 – Our Trip to Japan Supershow part 2

  1. Vocal Tics

    Erin pronounces museum “muzayum” rather than “muzeeum”. It just struck me as weird.

    Noah sounded like a little boy when he talked about the monkey. he was totally excited even just remembering it.

    • Re: Vocal Tics

      I assure you that’s how we say museum in the midwest! Where the heck are you from? I don’t think that’s a vocal tic.

      Also, you should have heard Noah talk about the monkeys for days ahead of time.

  2. dil_masaniya says:

    I want to see the monkey!

    Now I can’t wait to see the monkey picture.

    BTW, I know what you mean about sueing people. I went to Geneva, Switzerland a couple of years ago and was immediately struck that you could walk up to dangerous things (like this giant waterfall) that would be behind giant fences in America to ensure against lawsuits.

    PS, a Kimba T-shirt would be pretty sweet. Good thing I wasn’t in Japan, ‘cuz I need to save my money for rent.

  3. pts says:


    Oh my stars, Noah, you make me so sad. Onsen are one of the best parts of Japan, they are nothing like hot springs Stateside (in my admittedly limted experience), and you allowed your disappointment and disgust to rob you of what could’ve been a great experience. You are now just a little smaller in my mind.

    (Not really, but it sounded like something you would say, so I went ahead and put it out there. Seriously, Onsen are awesome.)

    Ha, I’m glad you guys went all the way out of your way to meet Julia, but I don’t think I’m going to pass along the part where you called her a huge nerd. I have a new respect for LARPing — at least as a logistic and organizational endeavor, of which it is a rather monumental example, truthfully — thanks to her, but it’s not something I could ever do.

    As mixed as my experience there was, parts of Japan I loved so much I’ve had to essentially excise them from my thoughts because to be apart from them inspires an abiding sadness, like being separated from a lover; Takarazuka is one such part, for a variety of complex reasons that I myself do not fully understand.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Love the show, Ninjas! I wonder just how many bones Noah would have broken if he had’ve jumped? Poor Ninja Erin, getting chocolate syrup all over her, erm, well you know!

    Plus I noticed at least three times when Noah said not nice things about the natives. Shame on you, Noah. Now the next time you go back they won’t let you buy cheap touristy crap.

    Hang on, that’s not a bad idea… =)

  5. Anonymous says:


    When I visited Japan, we went to Miyajima to look for monkeys, but they were all hiding.

  6. Anonymous says:


    When I visited Japan, we went to Miyajima to look for monkeys, but they were all hiding.


    • Anonymous says:

      Re: Monkeys

      You guys should have headed out to Iwatayama Monkey Park, on the outskirts of Kyoto in the town of Arashiyama. Talk about raining monkeys — they were everywhere, roaming free, having sex, rubbing rocks against their crotch (I don’t know), splashing about — we probably saw a good fifty or so of them, and one of them along the hiking path attacked our friend Wai, which made the entire trip to Japan worth it.

      Also, you can buy a bag of peanuts, crawl into a caged building, and feed the free-roaming monkeys. It’s like being in a reverse zoo.

  7. Anonymous says:

    My buddy Scott lived in Japan for a few years, ended up meeting some British woman there and falling in love. But he was living with a Japanese family, so they didn’t exactly have a lot of privacy. So they decided, on a trip to Tokyo one weekend, to hit a love motel. They ordered their food from a giant vending machine, and then R2D2 came out of a panel in the wall and dispensed their key. It turned out he had ordered, more or less at random, the “billionaire race car” fantasy room, which was supposed to be themed after that old playboy image of the race car driving jet-set playboy. Which is a theme that wasn’t especially well realized since it’s sort of random. Just lots of this and that, mirror balls, a great bathroom with a waterfall for a toilet (!), and then a bed shaped like a race car — only it was basically one of those beds you’d get a little kid.


    • Anonymous says:

      Ralph here. Finally heard your latest. Sorry you don’t like Angel Share, I love that place. Still need to set up a date for your MoCCA podcast. Email me when you get a chance, ok?

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh, by the way, we showed some of “Red Garden” at Metro a few months ago. I was surprised at how upset the New Yorkers were at the geographical inaccuracies in the representation of New York.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Another hot springs resort in the US is in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I went to college near there. There are bath houses where the hot springs are pumped indoors and you can bathe in hot spring water in a tub. It’s supposed cure what ails you, blah blah. It was big in the 20s when gangsters would go there. It’s in a pretty part of the state, too.

  9. kylandra says:

    The trip still sounds awesome. Man, I really want to see a Takarazuka show if I get to travel over there.

    You know, it’s funny, I’ve heard some people mention love hotels as having those barriers between you and the person checking you out, but you guys had a different experience. I wonder if it simply varies from hotel to hotel, or whether maybe it used to be more closed off and it’s changed more recently. Hmm.

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