Show #41 – Takarazuka

Show #041 Direct Download:
OP: “Girls and Boys” by Blur, from the album Parklife

ED: Takarazuka 2004 Great Sports Day – Flower Troupe

We listen to Soar’s voicemail. Remember Randomization?

Link to Kodocha original OP on youtube:

Suggested titles for your 10-year-old sister (who likes cats):

All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
Sherlock Hound
Tokyo Mew Mew
Magical Do Rei Me
Tweeny Witches
Sugar Sugar Rune (manga by Del Ray, anime on the internet)
What’s Michael (manga from Dark Horse, anime on the internet)
Three Ghibli films your sister will like:
Whispers of the Heart
The Cat Returns
Kiki’s Delivery Service
– That one Sailor Moon movie about Luna

Regular notes on the show:

– There was that episode of Ouran High Schhol Host Club with a lot of it!
– We just watched “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” – it was good! But Gerald won’t like it.
– I also saw “Year One in the North” which was quite excellent!

There’s a Japanese phrase for “Please bear with it” that seems to come up constantly.

Omiai – the Japanese custom of arranged marriage (literally “honorable see and meet”).

Fred Astaire vs. Gene Kelly! Live! One Night Only!

Gene Kelly + Bob Fosse = Takarazuka

What are the follies? How are they different from the Ziegfield Follies?

What’s a “dance revue“?

For theater-training montages in anime Erin recommends:

Glass Mask (1984)
Glass Mask (2005)
– There’s also a live-action version and a movie and stuff.
Cat’s Eye has a similar opening
– But where’s the original Glass Mask opening on youtube?! (right here! Thanks cchan5000!

Promo: The R5 Central Guy Promotes Morphicon

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27 Responses to Show #41 – Takarazuka

  1. Anonymous says:


    Just so you know, the download link on the front page isn’t working. I’m downloading it from the archive so that works. Just letting you know.

  2. Anonymous says:

    From Soar

    Lol… Thanks Noah for the Complement.

    Sadly though, I’m not a child prodigy.

    And my grandparents paid for like everything in Japan cause they have no better way to spend their money nowadays.

    Nobody would like Whispers of Heart. And if I’m getting that confused with the first “Cat” tell me.

  3. rekidk says:


    Your show’s great! Unfortunately, I’m having difficulties… This latest episode isn’t showing up in my feed for download. The latest episode is Manga Recon 7. Hm.

  4. pts says:

    Also: What’s Michael is friggin’ hilarious. Everybody should read it. Serious.

    It’s: TakaRAHzuka. But it’s counterintuitive, so whatever. 🙂

    I should point out that the range of stories is quite wide — they do adaptations of all kinds of things, from the Tale of Genji to Gone with the Wind to Rose of Versailles. I saw their version of “Phantom of the Opera,” which had nothing to do with Andrew Lloyd Weber (thankfully.)

    I also saw an original play called “Pierre the Mercenary,” which was like Joan of Arc except it had a happy ending where Miss Of Arc doesn’t get burned at the stake, she marries her mercenary boyfriend and lives happily ever after. So sometimes you do get closure, even if it is, you know, ridiculous closure.

    As far as the Revue goes, it’s all original material, as I understand it. It’s aesthetically unified, as Noah says, but also has a vague theme — the revue I saw was called “Shanghai Nights,” and had this vaguely chinese-y thing going on.

    I reveled in the lack of irony on stage, and am in complete agreement with Noah’s complaint about the pervasiveness of ironic distance and detachment in our cultural milieu. It is a form of emotional cheating, that shields one from ever having to answer for any sort of opinion, and is akin to a disease of the soul.

    In my assessment of the male-specialist takarasienne as “hot,” I more meant that I found their seizing of male sexual power to be extremely effective and entertaining, as opposed to the weird or offputting sense others might get from their acting style. Although they do tend to be quite attractive with the makeup off.

    Good episode — even listened to the whole thing. You raised some interesting points about Takarazuka that I hadn’t thought about, and I’m really, really pleased you enjoyed the experience.

    More and more, I am becoming convinced Noah is my New York doppelganger.

    • Noah can’t be your doppelganger and here’s why:

      He knows nothing about music. You used to be in a band, right? And you composed those nice songs in garage band. Sure, Noah can belt out some G&S, but for the most part, he can’t carry a tune and doesn’t have any rhythm. If Noah knows a popular hit, it’s because it was in an AMV. Also he only owns about 20 CDs and half of them are B5 soundtracks.

      • pts says:

        Well, that’s true, but maybe we are like, complimentary doppelgangers, two sides of an obnoxious, pontificating, anomalously sentimental coin.

        In an alternate universe, there is a manga about us, and we are a notorious slash pairing.

        When you said that thing about B5 soundtracks, that made my world just a little bit brighter, though.

        • Wouldn’t one of you have to be blond to be a yaoi pair? Wait, slash is different *cough cough*

          Your wife has many opposite nerd qualities as me – the gothyness, the larping, the vampires – she’s like the nerd-opposite of me. Although to Norms or Preps she and I are indistinguishable.

          Yes, out of Noah’s 20 CDs, half were B5 and the other half anime soundtracks, five of those being Macross Plus.

  5. Re: From Soar

    It might be impossible to appreciate the nostalgia the 13-year-old characters feel in Whispers if you actually are 13 like Soar.

    Some crazy guy emailed me to say that although he loved Honniamise he didn’t finish watching Only Yesterday because:

    “I must not have made it to the end. It was two years ago but all I can remember is little girls-train-flowers-school-menstrual cycles.”

    Some people are just messed up!

    • pts says:

      Re: From Soar

      If you have to be past 13 to really appreciate Whispers (and I think you’re right in saying that you do) then you have to be coming up on 30 to get a lot out of Only Yesterday. But if you are, it is wonderful.

      I guess you also have to be open to that kind of movie generally, and there are people — sad, sad people — who aren’t.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: From Soar

        you have to be coming up on 30 to get a lot out of Only Yesterday.

        Yeah Erin

        -Some crazy guy!!

        • Anonymous says:

          Re: From Soar, from soar

          Erm, have no clue whats going on. Is Only Yesterday the first Cat with the lady singing the Japanese version of “Country Road”?

          • Re: From Soar, from soar

            Only Yesterday is the one about a 30 year old office lady reminiscing about 5th grade. Whispers of the Heart is about a junior high kid writing a novel about a magic cat and dating a violin-guy.

            Ocean Waves is the really shitty one about a high school reunion and some dude hooking up with this annoying chick he always liked!

    • ikyoto says:

      Re: From Soar

      All this talk about Only Yesterday, and not even a nod to the fact that one of the protagonist’s older sisters is in love with a Takarazuka actor? That was actually the first place I ever heard about Takarazuka.

      I don’t know if it would be possible to track it down, but I once watched a behind the scenes documentary about the Takarazuka school on NHK. It would probably be good to ask T. (the one who accompanied you to the show) if he could help you find it online.

      On a more personal note regarding T., that whole waiting mentality explains a lot of awkward things!

  6. Anonymous says:

    (Daryl Surat)

    After hearing this episode, I now know that is actually about you guys.

  7. dil_masaniya says:

    Suggested titles for your 10-year-old sister (who likes cats):

    Ehh? You missed one. Aria the Animation. It has a lot of cats. The episode plots are things like, they go to visit Grandma, where they eat home-grown potatoes. The artwork is generally pretty. There is no swearing or violence (well, one cat gets bit in the crotch by another cat).

    On another note:
    Hell, yeah! Gene Kelly could easily take Fred Astaire in a fight, and in the end, isn’t that what counts? Seriously, I’ll admit that Fred Astaire obviously knew how to dance, but Noah used the perfect term for Gene Kelly, “Atheletic”. It was a very vigorous dance style, that very much reminds me of a Jackie Chan movie. Trivium: Gene Kelly was the first live actor to dance with a cartoon character. For some reason the mouse from Tom & Jerry appears in one of his movies.

    • Re: Suggested titles for your 10-year-old sister (who likes cats):

      First of all, President Aria is more of a creepy mutant alien than a cat!

      Second, Aria is an otaku show! Any 10-year-old would be bored to tears.

  8. Anonymous says:

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  9. Re: Something to say regarding the “waiting is beautiful” in Naruto…

    lol filthy shipper

  10. kgraleopard says:

    I know that I am SOOOO behind everyone else, but I just started listening to podcasts at all and have been steadily burning through the awesomeness which is your podcast. You know, it’s very hard to get work done when you’re having to stop to take notes on anime/manga titles to look up later! *grins*

    I wanted to add to your list of anime for younger people who like cats/animals.

    –Animal Yokocho (first 18 fansub eps [out of 51] available online)
    –Magical Meow Meow Taruto (released on DVD)



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