Show #42 – Anime Boston 2007

Show #042 Direct Download:

OP: “Apache” as covered by the Sugar Hill Gang, dedicated to Animiko’s group’s skit at Anime Central, which references last year’s Anime Boston’s Princess Tutu AMV
ED: “Rawk Fist” by Thousand Foot Krutch, as seen in “Ganseki No Kobushi (A Rock Lee profile)” by Songbird21.

We talk to Nadia, who is awesome and next time I’ll put out her rockin’ panel on Moe

She has a throne of shojo manga, if you believe her friends, and wrote her undergrad thesis on Utena.

We talk about those creepy ball-jointed dolls:


Penny Arcade were once nuts about Red vs. Blue
Red vs. Blue

“It’s not pink, it’s light red” T-shirts
– What is Machinima?
Recent Answerman column with 3-D time, actually “LAZER TIME, BOYZZ” from BotsMaster
Daniel Pinkwater story about mall parking lots

Dave and Joel: Fast Karate for the Gentleman Podcast
Greatest Movie Evar!!!!! Podcast
– Beethoven

– Fun with Derek: Count the inappropriate Rikkus!
– The Naruto Family Cosplay:


– The Mooninite Boston Scandal
– We mention the Chibi Project
– We talk to a staffer who was spit on by Despairs Ray at MangaNext
Soggytoast tells his stories of the con
– Then we talk to Alison about her Zuko cosplay
– Crayon Shin-Chan has a (new) handler.

Guy with Mooninite Bomb

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8 Responses to Show #42 – Anime Boston 2007

  1. Anonymous says:

    (Daryl Surat)

    Where is Daryl Surat? RIGHT BEHIND YOU.

    Luckily I’ve already met and gotten to hang out with Yasuhiro Imagawa of Giant Robo fame. Still, it would’ve been proper to get Giant Robo and Tetsujin 28 stuff autographed for the sake of collecting all his different autographs, since he uses different signatures for each series he works on. For now, my autographed Shin Getter Robo and Violinist of Hameln shall suffice. Man. All the shows everyone’s watching now are things for which I haven’t seen a single episode.

    Anime Convention Survival Tip: assume that everyone is jailbait, even/especially if they’re dressed like this:

    Would you say the Greek parade was more or less exciting than say, ? Suckas gots to know.

  2. xenomouse says:

    hello Juneau!

    Red versus Blue is a machinima series, made using Halo (not Counter Strike). It’s quite possibly the most famous and successful machinima series ever, and it’s available on DVDs or over the intertubes. You guys obviously failed to plan for that segment of the cast, and if you failed to plan, you must have been planning to fail.

    By the way, i have found it true that in any context, if someone asks you to “guess how old i am” or if they note that “people think i look older than i actually am,” the subject in question is no older than 16.

  3. okita says:

    Great show! I majored in Japanese Lit, and I’m a huge Utena fan, so if you could get me a copy of that undergrad thesis (with the author’s permission, of course) I’d be very interested in reading it =)

  4. okita says:

    Done! I’ve graduated, so I don’t write many papers these days, but I’ll be sure to refence you should I write an essay sometime =) I never mentioned anime in my term papers, actually, but I did do a comparison of romanticism and themes in Lord of the Rings and Genji once, so I can sympathize with frantic research.

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