Ninja Consultant Podcast Show #004, Otakon Coverage Part 1

Show #004, Part 1 of Otakon Coverage Direct Download:

This is the first part of our special Otakon 2005 coverage, so sorry if the levels suck, since we were in a hotel room and I edited it on a bus.

Kaiju Big Battle – their good DVD.

Final Fantasy vs. Kaiju Big Battle – I can’t seem to find a webpage for this film, but Mario won a “Sexy Torso Award” at Otakon 2004.

Mario Beuno battling Dr. Cube.

Chobitsridiculous dresses

Our ninja friend’s movie about Kakashi getting glomped.

The Ninja Consultant Table at Artists Ally

Otaku Generation

Amazing Baka Radio

NoNDE films, “S.T.E.A.M. the Movie” (no link that I know of just yet).

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Cornell DDR Club movie.

Kujibiki Unbalance OVA

Director of FMA – Seiji Mizushima

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  1. ecmyers says:

    Er…what happened to 003B?

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