Show #46 – James Interview Part 3: Bring Me the Head of Apollo Smile, A Cautionary Tale

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OP: Theme from Gunbuster, remixed for the Para Para Max US Mix volume 2, also available on amazon for $3. ED: Theme from Gunbuster 2, aka Diebuster, “Groovin’ Magic”, by ROUND TABLE featuring Nino.

The Apollo Smile Story

Otakon Mystery Anime Theatre 3000 gave us Jupiter Smirk, and Neptune Sneeze.
A list of live MST3K performances by fans.
Super Monsters

Sci Fi channel was running Iria at the time
– James will find and kill you if you don’t like the original Gunbuster
– Not to be confused with Gunbuster 2
Ninja High School T-shirt
Antarctic Press was there, man
– The Korean Animation Museum
The Kimchee Museum!

There is no U.S. release of Wonderful Days / Sky Blue at this time because it was made on a government grant. How will I make my “Shot Through the Heart” AMV to the scene where one dude gets shot in the heart?

Tree of Palme, also made on a grant.
– James licensed half a show once. Gerald is pissed.

Remember: You are never greater than the anime. But it’s OK to use DVDs to block bullets, etc.

Don’t pull an Apollo.

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5 Responses to Show #46 – James Interview Part 3: Bring Me the Head of Apollo Smile, A Cautionary Tale

  1. doki says:

    I did an MST3K-style parody of Toshinden the year before Otakon did theirs. (just stating it as a coincidence — it wasn’t circulated widely so I’m not saying they ripped off anything) I didn’t have a video camera so I did a fansub parody modeled after the MST3K “home game“.

  2. Anonymous says:

    (Daryl Surat)

    Gunbuster has exactly one awesome episode: episode 5, the one single episode where the Gunbuster actually does something of note. Key phrase: “of note.” All the Buster Beams, Homing Lasers, Super Inazuma Kicks, and most importantly Buster Shields you’ll ever need in your life are contained within.

    James, how he doth giveth and taketh away. On the one hand, his emails are awesome and are so totally getting read in the next episode of AWO, but on the other hand he actively wanted to license Wonderful Days and inflict it upon America. AND he actively sought out Apollo Smile. AGAIN. While KNOWING she was Apollo Smile.

    This interview is the podcast equivalent of that part in Phone Booth where Colin Farrell breaks down and screams to the world about all the evil he’s wrought upon the world as penance. There should be more of these made.

    • Anonymous says:


      Daryl is totally full of it, Gunbuster is five episodes of amazing things happening. The first episode is purely setup to awesome giant robot action and only build upon that in every episode. Daryl is just frightened by the presense of breasts.

      Also, yes, Wonderful Days is absolutely awful and unwatchable, but I was certain that ADV had licensed that under a different name (Blue Sky or something?).

      I think Apollo Smile was a good thing for anime fandom, because she was one of the early home grown things that anime fans pretty much collectively could join together and hate, at least I never met or know of a single one of the 30 something fat guys who supposedly loved her. It was a strange camaraderie. Now if they could only do that with all (and I mean ALL) of the utterly awful “OEL” stuff, we need to collectively hate on Megatokyo to start with.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Angry Otaku

      It took me a few minutes to stop laughing after this.

      I don’t get into Gunbuster debates. There’s a reason that I went after Koichi Ohata for an あ!PON interview and it wasn’t Borgman.

      Daryl seems to think that the Apollo Smile saga would have somehow happened differently had I not been there or done something…? If I wasn’t there, the Appolo incidents would have happened the exact same way. I was just watching from the sidelines man, and now telling the world.

      I got a phone booth for ya… I got yer phone booth right here.


  3. Anonymous says:

    a cautionary tale for the ages

    great story. i was about to ask if the new Space Channel 5 game i heard wind of would mean Apollo getting some work again, but checking now apparently it was just a fake rumor anyway 🙁

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