Ninja Consultant T-Shirt Poll

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5 Responses to Ninja Consultant T-Shirt Poll

  1. ecmyers says:

    You should have an option for “I am indifferent to Cafe Press.” 😛

  2. Clearly cheaper is always better, but I think my answer is just me being a realist. I wouldn’t know where else to go besides Cafe Press for this sort of thing, but I thought I had heard somewhere that Cafe Press was so big at this point that there was some evil-ness going on for one reason or another.

    • Because I’m a T-shirt freak, I’ve looked into this sort of thing before. Cafe Press is no good for ordering in bulk. You’re better off taking your chances getting a hundred shirts printed somewhere else. The trouble is then getting rid of them. If you don’t, you’re stuck with like 100 shirts.

  3. Cafepress is lame for Ninja t-shirts because they don’t print onto black!! And how can you be a ninja with a WHITE T-SHIRT?! That’s like guido NJ ninja. Awwyeah!

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