We are not going to AnimeNext, but Otakon and AWA for sure

Ugh, I haven’t podcast in forever! Well, you can at least expect an Otakon podcast coming up.

FYI, we are not going to AnimeNext this year. Since it moved deeper into Jersey it’s too much of a commitment.

My "Unusual Manga Genres" panel was finally accepted at Otakon!!! Hooray! I’ve been trying for five years to do this panel at Otakon:

We’ll let you know the time of the panel as soon as we know.

We also have three panels accepted for Anime Weekend Atlanta. They don’t seem to have a snappy logo yet.

Show #84 – Walter Amos on Hetalia

Show #084 – Direct Download:

OP: “Johnny Be Good” as sung by the Sex Pistols on the album The Great Rock and Roll Swindle
ED: Hetalia end theme as sung by America

Recorded at Genericon 2011. Posted with the permission of Walter Amos. Mr. Amos describes how anime has gotten high school girls into one of his favorite historical topics, the Prussian Empire.

We all learned a lot about Frederick the Great, who was totally amazing and probably gay. He had a terraformed garden like Nausicaa’s, popularized the potato to help keep German people from starving, composed flute sonatas, and did tons of other great stuff socially and economically which you’ll hear about in Amos’s amazing lecture.

Show #82 – Scott Pilgrim

scott pilgrim vs ladies by *021 on deviantART

Show #082 – Direct Download:

OP: "We Are Sex Bob-Omb" by Sex Bob-Omb from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
ED: "Scott Pilgrim" by Plumtree from the album Predicts the Future

More links to come. Probably.

  • Edgar Wright directed Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Spaced, and Scott Pilgrim, all worth watching.
  • That Comics Journal Article
  • The Day the Universe Changed with James "What’s His Dink" Burke
  • The "Grups" article
  • The NPR "Death of the Hipster" interview
  • The blu-ray is available now!
  • There’s like a 20 minute discussion of Juno
  • "At nice the ice weasels come"
  • Noah is the only person who likes the movie Hackers
  • We both fucking love Napoleon Dynamite
  • Noah is upset that that I gave Sekirei Rental Shelf instead of Perishable.
  • I love Summer Wars, Gerald didn’t – can we trust him about Tron Legacy?
  • Our image of the average weekly manga-ka has been making the rounds
  • Article: People under (or over) 30 won’t understand Scott Pilgrim
  • Miracle on 34th Street was originally released in May
  • An Open Letter to James Cameron – about visaual effects studios putting themselves out of business.
  • Moon is a totally sweet indy sci-fi film

Show #81 – Otakon 2010

Show #081 – Direct Download:

Music: The Yoshida Brothers (who were guests at Otakon 2010, and I really ought to have gone to that concert)

Starring podcast superstars:

Daryl, Clarissa, and Gerald of Anime World Order and Dave and Joel from Fast Karate.

At 23:20, we Erin interviews Ed Chavez of Vertical Inc. (and the MangaCast) about the sales of Chi’s Sweet Home.

Also starring:

David Cabrera of Subatomic Brainfreeze and Colony Drop, Evan Minto from Ani-Gamers and Tyler from the Rangercast.

There are two other people in this show, and I’ve forgotten their names (again).

Part of the show is devoted to discussing a single issue of Ageha magazine (pictured above).

MangaNext 2010 Panels! ANNCast Halloween Episode!

OMG we’re really busy this Halloween! Noah and I appeared on the ANNCast with Jason Thompson and you should go and check it out!!

And I’m an industry guest at MangaNext this weekend!! You should check out the con schedule. All my panels are on Saturday and I won’t be at the con on Friday. Looks like there’s even a MangaCast panel!

So anyway I’m also a “Success Story” in the Nov/Dec Weight Watchers magazine. I didn’t pick the clothes, they didn’t ask to straighten my hair, and the first person story wasn’t written by me at all! Instead they hobbled together interview quotes, getting the chronology of my story backwards in the process. They also mis-report my wedding dress as having “trousers underneath” which is absolutely not true.

Show #80 – The History of Manga in the U.S., by Jason Thompson

Show #080 – Direct Download:

OP: Theme from a Golgo 13 videogame
ED: Song and clip from a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure videogame

Promo: Friday Ace

This panel was recorded live at San Diego Comic Con, possibly in 2008, and is posted here with the permission of Jason Thompson, author of King of RPGs, Manga the Complete Guide, and the Manga Editor of Otaku USA magazine. We previously interviewed Jason in this show.

You can read the Wired manga history of manga in the U.S. here.

The Great Otakon Podcast Picnic

This idea came up on Twitter some weeks back. The greater manga blogging/anime podcast community online wants to get together at Otakon for a meal. However, eating during Otakon is always a crazy juggling act of scheduling, convincing a restaurant to seat an absurdly large group, getting annoyed as they refuse to split the check, and then rushing back to the con in time to get wristbands before the hentai panels.

In the interest of accommodating as many people as possible and not spending too much money, we propose the following meet-up:

The Great Otakon Podcast Picnic (named loosely after Achewood’s Great Outdoor Fight)

When:  Friday, July 30th, from 7:45 ~ 10 PMish (they might kick us out by 9)
Where: If it isn’t raining, on the patio just off the mall food court
              If it is raining, in the cafe space by the Starbucks near Registration
Who:  Podcasters, Bloggers and listeners and readers thereof
What to Bring: Not-easily-spoiling foodstuffs to eat and share. It’s sort of a pack-your-own lunch meet-up, with the option that you can bring (non-poisonous) shareable food should you feel so generous and/or ambitious to do so.  Perhaps you might also bring something to sit on, like a tarp or a blanket, although I’m not sure if that will be allowed in either location.

I chose this time because it is after the Funimation Panel and the AMV Contest, and slightly before the concert, although it is during the Otakon Game Show. Friday night was a suggestion from the Reverse Thieves.

Show #79 – Return of The Angry Otaku

Show #079 – Direct Download:

OP: Theme from Neo Ranga
ED: Black Daisy "The Dragon"

Our previous shows with James "The Angry Otaku":

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