News: Ninjaconsultants at MangaNext and Genericon

We’re going to MangaNext, February 24th-26th!
MangaNext 3:30 Friday – Comiket Survival 101, Events Room B
MangaNext 6pm Saturday – Unusual Manga Genres, Events Room B
MangaNext 1pm Sunday – Culinary Manga, Panel 2

We’re also going to Genericon!

March 2nd – 4th
Genericon 9am Saturday – Recent Trends in Anthropomorphization, Panels 2 (337)
Genericon 4pm Saturday – Culinary Manga, Panels 2 (337)
Genericon 6pm Saturday – Alcohol and Manga, Panels 1 (318)
Genericon 12pm Sunday – Unusual Manga Genres, Panels 2 (337)

Show #98 – Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011 Part 1 Emily, Dave, and Ko

Show #098 – Direct Download:
OP: “Mamboleo” by Elissa
INT: “Friday” by Matt Mulholland
ED: “Right here right now” by Fatboy Slim – Various

We talk to our friends Emily and Dave about their recent trip to Japan, post-Earthquake, where they watched sumo and visited a Hakone onsen I recommended. They also compare AWA to DragonCon.

Then I talk to @kransomwastaken about what it’s like to run the videogame room at AWA for like 11 years, and outsider art from Nosferatu.

Here’s a list of the AWA AMVs, which we also talk about. Below, the winning video:

Show #97 – Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011 Preview Guide with Darius

Show #097 – Direct Download:

We talk with @DWashington999 about upcoming events to look forward to at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011.

Be sure to check out all the Ninja Consultant panels at AWA this weekend:

  • Unusual Manga Genres: Friday, 6:00 PM Room 106
  • 21 + Manga and Anime: Saturday, 9:00 PM Room 106
  • Culinary Manga: Sunday, 2:00 PM, Room 106

Admittedly, there is an annoying buzzing noise on the the line when Darius talks on the phone. I didn’t figure out a way to fix it fast enough before the convention, but listeners proficient with Audacity who’d like to take a crack at fixing it are invited to email ninjaconsultant at gmail and I’ll send a link to the original files.