Show #93 – Seinen Up!! at Genericon 2011

Show #093 – Direct Download:

ED: "Now You’re A Man" by DVDA

@mangacast‘s Seinen Up!! Panel from Genericon 2011.

Apparently this recording was done by monkeys, and as such I apologize for the popping noises throughout. I tried to also remove many of the more awkward pauses, but not all of them, as I have other things to do today. Despite the poor quality, it’s worth toughing this one out for the following reasons:

  • There’s a mention of the true author of Lone Wolf and Cub
  • Ed says shojo is basically dead
  • Learn the entire history of manga! (Almost.)
  • You can learn about the state of the manga industry in France
  • …and more!

Manga Recon Show #008: YaoiCast #002 [Explicit 18+]

Direct Download:

OP: "Lookin’ Cute / Feelin’ Cute" by Gay Pimp
ED: "Fa***ty Attention" by Adam Joseph

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0:55-8:15 – Picnic as reviewed by Kate
8:15-9:58 – Can’t Win With You – excerpt read by Gina
9:58-13:55 – Same Cell Organism as reviewed by Kari
13:55-14:28 – Brief mention of Little Crybaby by me
14:28-25:30 – Say Please reviewed as reviewed by Alison, with a discussion of rape in manga

All of these titles are recommended, except Little Crybaby, which was terrible.