The domain I share kind of got hacked by Nigerians, so we’re sort of down at the moment. I don’t have a new show ready yet anyway.

Thanks to everyone who showed up at our panels at AnimeNext! They were a huge hit!

Otaku USA issue seven comes out real soon, and I have two reviews and a bio in it, so be sure to check out my “Otaku Top Five”!

News: Ninja Consultants At Otakon 2007

Noah and I are going to Otakon!

Please visit our table in artist’s alley, which we are sharing with the intrepid Ali Wildgoose. It’s table #D6. Our names are not on the table. It’s located along the wall to your left when you walk in the entrance, about halfway back. We’re selling Ninja Consultant T-shirts, “I survived the filler arc” tees, and Carl Horn buttons.

Friday night at 11:00 we’re hosting the “Podcaster’s Roundtable” panel in the Panel 2 room. This conflicts with Otaku Generation recording a live show at the same time, and also the end of the AMV contest, AND the “Alcohol & Anime” panel, but we expect you to show up to our panel anyway. Also on our “Podcaster’s Roundtable” panel will be Gerald from Anime World Order, Dave and Joel from Fast Karate for the Gentleman, Mike from R5 Central, and Rym and Scott from Geek Nights, with a potential surprise appearance from the Rangercast.

The Otakon schedule is available here, but please double check for schedule changes in case our time slot totally moves.

New York Comic Con

Hey! We’re going to be at New York Comic Con this weekend, although we won’t have a table, and we’re not going to be in the podcast alley (which we didn’t know existed until last week), but Erin will be attending most/all of the manga panels, and Noah will be around sometimes too.

You can listen to recordings of many of the panels on the mangacast podcast – subscribe here and Ed will have those recordings up really soon.

Also we’re going to the Popcultureshock.com after-party on Saturday, which is free:

PopCultureShock’s 2nd Annual After-Party
Saturday, February 24th @ Slate Plus
54 W. 21st St. (between 5th & 6th Ave.)
Doors open at 10pm
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